A man falls from a 6-meters wall in Sydney and is hospitalised!

In Sydney, Australia’s NSW region, a man fell from a height and was hospitalised. It was stated that the man who was fighting for his life in the hospital where he was taken fell from a height of 6 meters.

The 50-year-old man suffered serious head and chest injuries.

The inspector at the scene warned everyone after the accident: “Please be careful when working at height!”

Construction workers are also at risk because they work at height

Workplaces of construction workers are full of many risky things. There are many risks, from something falling on them to workers falling from a height. Not only injuries that may come from outside, but also careless behaviour of the worker is one of the risk factors.

For this reason, working areas should be made as risk-free as possible.

How can hazards at construction sites be reduced?

For example, as in the news, it is necessary to take strict precautions for injuries or deaths by falling from a height. While the work is being done, guardrails, scaffolding and work platforms must be installed. The worker must also wear his personal protective equipment while working.

Safe access roads should be added to construction sites. Safe ways and safe areas should be determined against the risk of any object falling from above.

Possible accidents at the construction site should always be considered.

Thus, it will be possible to be prepared for any weather condition or unexpected situation. In this way, the safety of the workers there will also be ensured.

Of course, simply making the work environment safe will not be enough. It is very important for employees to know their job well. The work must be done carefully, without causing any harm to them. For example, workers need to know how to work without putting too much strain on their muscles and learn how to use the equipment they use cautiously.

Examples of the most common accidents on construction sites

Falling from height: Falling from a ladder or upstairs can cause serious injury. One should always be wary of this.

Slip and fall injuries: Materials used on a construction site can be quite dangerous. If workers stumble or fall on any material, it can cause serious injury.

Muscle injuries as a result of careless work of workers: Work in the construction field is very difficult work. If workers act recklessly while performing these tasks, they can put too much strain on their muscles, which can result in injury.

Industrial deafness: Long-term exposure of workers to the loud sounds of machinery working in construction sites can cause problems in workers’ hearing.

Injuries as a result of careless use of materials used while working: Workers may be injured as a result of careless use of tools such as saws and drills.

In addition, trucks, cranes, or excavation equipment are all vehicles at risk of accident. Care should be taken when using this and all similar equipment.

All these listed causes of injury do not cover all risks. Many more can cause many injuries and even death.

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