A man’s guide to sensitive skin – tips for shaving

Sensitive skin affects both women and men. In fact, one in three men deals with sensitive skin, so it’s a much more common condition than expected. Usually, they experience red and rashy skin at the slightest grooming action. Shaving is the most common factor that triggers these symptoms, but other causes can also lead to it.

If you’re prone to red skin and breakout, wilfully stressing your skin with a steel blade and scraping away the hairs isn’t ideal. But shaving is part of any man’s life, so you need to find a way to lower the odds of irritation and rash every time you do it. Here are some tips that can increase your comfort and improve your skin’s condition.

Your pre-shave routine can help

If you have sensitive skin, shaving for you starts before you put the blade on your skin. Everything you do can impact your skin’s condition and influence the outcome of the shave. Because you have sensitive skin, it’s highly recommended to avoid shaving in the morning because the blood needs a couple of hours to circulate from your head back into your body, and the excess blood in your head can make your skin bloated and prevent the whiskers from fully protruding through the skin layers. Shave in the night, and your skin will feel better.

It’s also best if you’d shower before you shave because the warm water softens your skin and opens up the pores to encourage the whiskers to come up to the skin’s surface.

Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may be able to use a scrub for men before shaving that can loosen the whiskers and make it easier for the blade to cut them away. However, it’s essential to carefully and gently scrub your face and avoid any aggressive motion because it can irritate your skin more.

Following up with a moisturizer is vital because shaving removes hydration from your skin. A moisturizing cream or gel prevents irritation and hydrates it.

Use blades designed for sensitive skin

Your skin isn’t designed to use harsh blades again and again over it. Each pass of the blade will trigger a chain reaction of irritation on your face. Ideally, it would be to shave with the best safety razor for sensitive skin and use as few motions and swipes as possible. Safety razors are the best accessories for men with sensitive skin, and it’s worth investing in high-quality ones. While shaving, ensure no motion comes against the grain because it can cause irritation, bumps, redness, and ingrown hairs.

Use an aftershave 

One of the best ways to calm your sensitive skin is to use aftershave. However, don’t use any product; look for one designed for your condition that contains no alcohol or menthol because they irritate the skin. A product with natural ingredients is the best choice because it soothes the skin and keeps bacteria away from building in the opened pores. Bacteria is often the main source of infection, redness and irritation, and you should do your best to keep it at bay.

And here is how you can care for your sensitive skin and have a great shaving experience.

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