A Quick Guide to IT Infrastructure Modernization

IT infrastructure modernization isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds. Essentially, this term describes the process of updating outdated technology infrastructure. IT infrastructure is a broad term describing computer hardware, software, and data storage warehouses.

Modernizing these components is particularly crucial for federal agencies. Fortunately, companies like Beyond20 (https://www.beyond20.com/) can help federal agencies modernize their IT infrastructure, resulting in fewer security risks and a more productive workforce. 

If you had a building with faulty wiring or lousy security equipment, you would want to bring it up to speed as quickly as possible. Your tech solutions are no different. Here’s a quick guide to modernizing your IT infrastructure. 

Many federal government agencies still use outdated tech

According to a Forbes article published in 2016, several federal agencies used obsolete IT components. Some of these agencies relied on IT infrastructure that was half a century old

One example is the Strategic Automated Command and Control System (SACCS), which monitors nuclear weaponry. This command and control system only recently stopped using floppy disks.

Obsolescent technology poses several problems, including increased system downtime, a lack of knowledgeable repair technicians, and decreased efficiency. IT infrastructure modernization seeks to solve these issues by upgrading out-of-date tech.

IT infrastructure modernization is crucial to federal agencies

Federal government agencies experience some of the most severe security threats of any organization or entity. Foreign and domestic hackers can launch cyberattacks against such agencies, resulting in massive data leaks that may put innocent lives at risk.

However, data security isn’t the only issue federal agencies encounter when working with obsolete IT infrastructure. For example, something as simple as responding to emails can be almost impossible when working with outdated computers or software.

As such, IT infrastructure modernization is crucial to federal agencies’ long-term security and productivity.

Upgrading IT infrastructure is a multi-step process

Typically, IT infrastructure modernization is a multi-step process targeting diverse technological elements. It goes far beyond updating a computer to the latest operating system or replacing old computer towers with newer, slimmer models.

When applied to the needs of federal agencies, IT infrastructure modernization sometimes means performing a complete overhaul of existing systems and replacing them with modern alternatives. 

For example, some agencies may need to transition from on-premise data storage warehouses to private cloud storage systems. Others may need to incorporate advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to detect potential threats or handle complicated tasks.

Federal agencies have everything to gain by upgrading their tech

We live in a time of rapid, historically unprecedented technological advancement. Consequently, federal agencies that allow their IT infrastructure to become obsolete are putting themselves at risk of becoming entirely defunct. 

Departments that avoid IT infrastructure overhauls will become increasingly inefficient and inoperational. For that reason, IT infrastructure modernization services are a crucial resource that federal agencies should invest in post-haste. 

Final thoughts

Though the push toward comprehensive IT infrastructure modernization within federal agencies has increased over the last several years, many agencies still rely on outdated tech. These decades-old components increase the risk of cyberattacks and decrease department efficiency.

Fortunately, technology services firms have the expertise to help federal agencies modernize their IT infrastructure, enabling them to become far more capable and secure.

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