A Rebuilt Transmission vs. a Used Transmission: What’s Better?

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Transmissions are essential for vehicles, whether they are automatic or manual. When a transmission begins to fail, owners need to find a replacement as soon as possible. Purchasing a new transmission can be very expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. Thankfully, there are options that can help vehicle owners save money. 

Rebuilt Transmissions VS Used

Aside from buying a new transmission, there are options for rebuilt and used. Those interested in learning about their options can get help over at Sir Car Part. The following offers five reasons rebuilt transmissions are superior to used. 

Offers a Warranty

Owners will find rebuilt transmissions come with a strong warranty that makes buying less risky. Used transmissions rarely come with a warranty. Buying a transmission without a warranty is unwise and can lead to problems. If issues arise with the function of the transmission, the new owner will have no way to recoup their loss. 

Labor Costs

Many people mistakenly believe they will save money by purchasing a used transmission rather than a rebuilt one. The truth is, that is not always the case. Used transmissions often end up being more expensive because of the cost of labor. When technicians attempt to install a used transmission, it often will not work correctly. Owners will end up paying for labor twice because the used transmission has to be removed and replaced. 

Customer Service

Purchasing a used transmission is often stressful for vehicle owners. Being forced to haggle with junkyard owners takes time and often leads to headaches. The lack of customer service can make the process seem uninviting to vehicle owners. When purchasing a rebuilt transmission from a transmission specialist, the process proceeds smoothly. 

Expert Advice

One of the primary reasons people should select a rebuilt transmission from a shop is the level of expertise offered. When someone visits a junkyard and attempts to buy a transmission, the junkyard owner may or may not be able to offer expert help. Vehicle owners could end up receiving the wrong guidance, which could lead to wasted time and money. 

Longer Lifespan

It is difficult to gauge the level of care a transmission has had while in operation. Purchasing a used transmission includes significant risks, including the transmission breaking down suddenly. Rebuilt transmissions are basically new because they have been thoroughly gone through and had all worn parts replaced. Rebuilt transmissions typically last longer than used ones. In fact, if the rebuild is done correctly, a rebuilt transmission can last just as long as a new one. 

Resale Value

Many owners do not think about their car’s resale value until they decide to sell. When replacing worn parts, owners should always consider the potential resale value in case they decide to trade in or sell their car. A rebuilt transmission is going to offer a better impact on the resale price than a used transmission. 

Choosing a Rebuilt Transmission Makes Better Sense

Vehicle owners have options when their transmissions begin to fail. Making the right choice is critical for a vehicle’s function. Although some people choose a used transmission because it saves them money, this is not always the best choice. 

A rebuilt transmission may cost a little more, but it offers great peace of mind, resale value, longevity, and an improved experience. Purchasing a rebuilt transmission from an expert is the best way to replace a failed transmission in your car.

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