A Short Guide On Car Engine Remapping

Remapping is the modern contemporary solution to boost your car’s performance and security by using advanced and expert technologies to simplify the process. 

Imagine updating your laptop’s and mobile phone’s software to the latest one available on the market, and that’s when you will understand that remapping is exactly the same but for your car. 

Naturally, you will be slammed with concerned questions about its cost, functions and effects as soon as you begin to think about ‘chipping’ your car. 

To help you out with the same, in this short guide, we have taken the effort to ensure that all your basic grievances about remapping can be answered in an orderly manner.

What exactly is remapping? What are it’s pros and cons? Does it amp up your vehicle’s performance? Do you need to tell your insurance executive about it? 

All these concerns are addressed ahead, so read along! 

What is Car Engine Remapping?

Car remapping, also known as ‘chip tuning’, is a quick and relatively inexpensive process that tweaks the microchip in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) of your car’s engine. While doing so, the process makes sure that it overwrites the original factory settings to ensure your car functions at its full potential.  

Simply put, ECU is the computer in your car that is responsible for the power of your engine. In the original factory settings, the ECU software settings are programmed to limit its performance capabilities. 

Having said that, why would manufacturers limit this extraordinary driving experience? 

Well, there are two major reasons behind this – the first one being, to comply with regulations regarding noise and harmful emissions and the second is to increase your car’s life. 

Now, when you decide to remap your car, you could increase its performance capacity by as much as 35%. This is because tuning helps to increase your car’s overall power and torque output.

However, one thing to make sure while remapping your car is to only let an expert and experienced specialist remap your engine otherwise the damage to your engine is highly likely. You see the process is not time consuming and, if done properly, you can see the results almost immediately.

Benefits of Chip Tuning 

The obvious benefit and the main reason why one decides to get their car remapped is because of the increased power it brings to the table. It doesn’t stop here though; because of its increased speed and power, it brings more benefits.

Better Driving 

Remapping ensures that your car has an advanced throttle and engine response. Naturally, this benefit with ensure that you have a better control over your vehicle and your car feels smoother and easier to drive 

Better Fuel Economy 

Maintenance is nobody’s favourite and the expense that comes with it, let’s not even get there. 

Fuel, being one the major expenses for your car, should be on your priority list of careful spending. Luckily, after remapping, if you go easy on the accelerator, it could help to increase your car’s overall mpg and fuel economy. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint.

Disadvantages of Chip Tuning 

  •  Only turbo-powered engines will fully benefit from a simple remapping. If you have a petrol non-turbo model, remapping will not make a lot of differences alone.

  • If your remap isn’t approved by the manufacturer or the dealer, it may cause problems with your warranty. 

  • Similarly, it could also have an effect on your insurance. To the extent where certain companies do not entertain any remapped vehicle during claims. 

  • Lastly, with better performance comes the risk of high-speeding vehicles. 

While these disadvantages are likely to force you to steer clear of remapping, you need to understand that they’re clearly outweighed by the benefits this process has to offer.

That said, if you’re still not sure, make sure you speak to a professional remapping company.

Do You Need to Tell Your Insurance Executive About It? 

In terms of letting your insurance agent know that you have remapped your engine, it is an absolute must. 

This is because in insurance terms, remapping is considered as a car modification. Just because it is on the inside, you can’t get away with hiding this information. 

Moreover, hiding it will only result negatively on your end; meaning, your claims could get rejected on the basis of not sharing utmost faith in insurance. 

To Sum Up… 

Remapping has almost become a necessity for people who enjoy the overall experience of driving out there. The effects having done this on your car are visible in the very next minute after tuning.

Moreover, chip tuning is considered as a relatively cost-effective method of bringing your car’s capacity to the fullest.

The most important thing, however, is to not trust any next-door garage repairs but to choose the absolute best, experienced, skilled and knowledgeable specialists of this process. 

If these words sound appealing to you, why wait?
Get your car tuned today!

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