A Short Guide to 0800 Numbers For Your Business

To begin with, 0800 numbers are free to call in the UK. Consequently, they are useful for businesses that want to encourage people to make contact. They can be just as useful in business-to-business settings as they are in business-to-consumer set-ups. Is that all you need to know about 0800 numbers, though? Read on to find out the essential aspects of leveraging 0800 numbers in the UK today and why they can be so useful in helping businesses to grow their customer base.

What Are 0800 Numbers?

An 0800 number is classed as a non-geographical number in the UK. This means that alongside numbers that begin with 0845 or 0333, for example, they have no local area code. A local area code directs a call to a particular exchange, such as 0117 for Bristol or 0161 for Manchester. When someone calls an 0800 number, they won’t be charged meaning they can be used as a toll-free – or freephone – number. What’s more, having been in operation since 1985, they’re widely recognised by the public.

How Do 0800 Telephone Numbers Work?

When someone calls an 0800 number they will be routed to ring on any phone number, anywhere in the world. In the past, only British Telecom could provide businesses with an 0800 number with an associated landline. However, this is no longer the case and virtual 0800 numbers can now direct callers to any sort of business telephone line you may already have. Even better, it will do so seamlessly and without charging the caller. When someone dials an 0800 telephone number, the exchange server that receives the call will automatically recognise it as a non-geographical number and handle it accordingly.

Why Is a Virtual 0800 Number a Good Idea?

With a virtual 0800 number, callers will be redirected to either a landline or a mobile phone. With certain 0800 business telephone number providers, such as Cleartone Communications, users can access an online dashboard where they’ll even be able to instantly change where their 0800 number connects to. This means that businesses get a great deal of flexibility about where and how their inbound phone calls are received. For example, you might want your 0800 number to ring on your office phones during the working day but to connect to your mobile phone in the evening or at weekends. Not all 0800 number providers have this sort of functionality so it is worth shopping around for those that do.

How Do 0800 Numbers Augment Call Volumes?

Some research suggests that adopting an 0800 business telephone number can increase inbound call volumes by over 180%. This is a quite remarkable statistic. However, not all calls may be desirable, so the ability to block nuisance callers is something anyone considering an 0800 number for their business should think about. Again, this is a feature that only some telecommunications providers offer. Nevertheless, by encouraging more callers to pick up the phone, so more inbound sales leads can be generated. In turn, this should lead to more growth and profitability from increased sales. As such, 0800 numbers are good for sales hotlines but they also work well as customer service lines, too, because people feel more confident when they call them.

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