A simple guide to customize your Roblox Character

To keep it brief, here you can find an easy guide on how to customize your favorite Roblox character, plus step-by-step guidance on how to input your beloved music to Roblox song IDs while playing the game Roblox. 

Well, first thing first, what kind of game exactly is Roblox? 

Now, if you go through this gaming-related guide, you must understand Roblox fully. Launched in 2005, Roblox is a virtual multiplayer game. The players can create their gaming content using their designs and creativity. Although the overall gameplay is considered simple, its gaming structures and formats are complex enough for the players to stay engaged in the game for long. Since it’s a multiplayer gaming platform, you can also experience a social environment. 

The gameplay of the Roblox is such that you require to build your content. This indicates that the player must create their character to stay in the game, design their gaming content and strategy, find other players to play with, etc. Now, as with many popular online games these days, in Roblox, you can also play the most popular gaming music while playing the game. This feature, popularly termed as Roblox music IDs, or Roblox song IDs, is the background music you can listen to while in the game. Applying this will allow you to experience a different gaming vibe along with your favorite soundtrack running in the back. 

Speaking of Roblox music IDs, indeed, there are different ways to play your favorite music on Roblox. A straightforward way to use Roblox song IDs is by visiting the site dedicated to music codes. The “Pro Roblox Music Codes” mentioned site has thousands of working Roblox song IDs and is a great place to get working song IDs for your interesting Roblox games. 

To include your favorite Roblox song ID, you might want to get a Boombox subscription. You will find a variety of Boombox options, from cheap to costlier. Now, to listen to your Roblox music code, you need to: 

Open Roblox website > Click on your Boombox > Input your Favorite Roblox song ID. 

As a Roblox player, you should customize your Roblox character as and when necessary is a must. Although character templates are available in Roblox for players to use, customizing a character is a must for many different reasons. Therefore, if you are interested, below are the instructions on customizing your favorite Roblox character that defines your idea the best. Playing online games on a big screen seems to offer a much-enhanced user experience. Overall, navigation and access to different features are very straightforward. However, whether you play Roblox on your computer or mobile device, you can still customize your Roblox character the same. 

When you customize your Roblox character, you also customize your Roblox game. Because the game’s direction changes based on your choices, so, without further ado, let us dive into the matters of Roblox character customization. 

Customize your Roblox Avatar/Character

Before proceeding, learn how to add and remove items for your Roblox avatar. This will enable you to remove character features that you deem unnecessary as per your preference and add the ones that you like. 

How to add an item?

If you are designing or customizing your Roblox character, adding items is essential to creating your desired consistency. As such, the process is explained below. 

  • Find your Roblox character editor page. 
  • Search for the drop-down menu. 
  • Select your category like skin color, hair, clothes, to name a few. 
  • Find your desired item or items within the selected category.  
  • The chosen items will be indicated in green color. 
  • Nonetheless, there is a limit to how many items you can add at a time. If you want to add more items, say ten things, you might need to tap on the advance button. Doing so will enable you to exceed the soft limit and provide you with an asset ID. 

How to remove an item?  

You can follow the instructions below to remove items from your Roblox avatar.

  • Find your character editor page. 
  • Look at the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a category.
  • Choose an item from the type that you wish to remove.
  • Then, tap on the remove button. 

Now that you learned how to add and remove items to get your desired Roblox character, the steps to customize your avatar is stated below. 

Step 1: Sign in to your Roblox account.

Open the Roblox website > Login to your Roblox account by entering your account credentials > then tap on the sign-in button.

Step 2: Select your Roblox character.

After you have logged in to your Roblox account, click on the menu icon > as the characters are shown to you, you can now select the Roblox avatar as per your likings.

Step 3: Pick your character’s clothing.

When you pick a Roblox avatar, they come in a default shape, including its body, face, and outfits. To customize the character’s costume, you have to;

Look for the category “Outfit”> Pick your desired pant or T-shirt. And you are done customizing the character’s outfit. 

Step 4: Select your character’s accessories. 

The accessories that you can customize for your Roblox character include: 

  • Customize the character’s hair.
  • Change character’s skin color.
  • Change character’s other accessories like hat and belt. 

However, make sure not to overdo your Roblox avatar changes. A character can wear a limited number of accessories at a time, including three hats, one pair of pants, one shirt, one gear, one face, two legs, two arms, and one package. 

Step 5: Finishing touch. 

When you are finished customizing the character’s look, all you have to do to set that look is tap on the “Gear” button. 

When you customize your Roblox character, you may find many items which come at a price. However, there are still many things or additional accessories that you can use for free on your Roblox avatar. Just ensure that you pick your options wisely to make your character attractive and stand out. 

I hope this guide is helpful and you enjoy happy gameplay. 

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