Abaya Fashion in Pakistan: Blending Tradition and Modernity

Abaya is the favorite and sacred attire of Muslim ladies. It is considered a noble piece of clothing that women carry while going outside their homes. It is a full-length dress simply designed like a long gown that has a loose cut and covers the entire body gracefully. Women wear it as formal attire whenever they go out. It has a religious significance as it is used as a veil by Muslim Women around the world. Initially, it was just a long black gown with a straight cut to the feet.

Over the years, the abaya has turned into a fashionable piece of clothing serving both the purpose of veil and fashion. A huge number of cuts and designs have been introduced in the market by top designer brands such as lamosaik.com in Pakistan. Traditional Islamic attire has amalgamated with modern fashion trends and reshaped itself into graceful attire. These days abaya is not only available in just black but you will find every color in the market. Additionally, plain abayas have turned into nice embellished ones. 

Nowadays, abayas have become more versatile and functional. Keeping in view the demands of modern ladies, abayas have constantly been updated now and then to bring innovation and style to them. There is an ample variety of cuts and designs that are crafted by popular designers across the country and shaped into different abayas that we see our girls adoring. 

University-going girls mostly like to wear plain abayas with captivating cuts. Colors such as brown, green, black, purple, and grey are mostly used by these girls for casual wear abayas. For functions and festive events, frilled abayas are a fashionable choice. You can go for light embroidery as well. In addition to all these varieties, wedding abayas have also become a part of abaya collections. These come in funky colors with lots of graceful embroidery and motifs. 

Here are the top 5 features of the abaya fashion in Pakistan that have turned ordinary attire into a luxurious and graceful one. 

  • Color Variety

In ancient times, it was impossible to see women wearing colored abayas. Only black was the allowed and appreciated color to choose for your abaya. With the drift in fashion trends and change in mindset, people have shifted to colored abayas. From greys and blues to greens and purples, there is a huge range of shades flooded in the markets. In addition to these soft colors, you can easily find brighter ones such as maroon, red and orange, etc.

Moreover, there are a huge number of abayas that have two or three transition shades blended smoothly one after the other. So, you don’t have to stick to just a single black abaya, and you can stock other graceful colors such as dark green and grey. You can check out these colors at lamosaik.com.

  • Appealing Prints

Just like colors, there was no variety in prints. A plain black abaya was the only type of present to adore. With the advancement in fashion culture, abayas have turned into fascinating printed apparel. There is a great diversity of floral and geometric printed abayas that have grabbed the attention of women. Moreover, you don’t have to go to bazaars and shopping malls to get your desired prints. Because all the novel prints are available online at different clothing stores. These printed abayas come with matching-oriented scarves and stoles. So what are you waiting for?

  • Breathable Fabrics

Pakistani designers have come up with creative ideas to blend fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, crinkle, and cotton to create a breathable abaya. The most commonly used fabric to design abayas is the traditional nidda fabric. It is imported from Arab countries and crafted into pretty abaya designs. The basic theme while using any fabric is to make it breathable and it should not be a see-through one. Check out the diversity of premium quality abaya fabrics at lamosaik.com. All these abayas are created from high-quality stuff and are long-lasting with no complaints of color fading. 

  • Graceful Cuts

There is no doubt that the straight-cut abayas look the most graceful when carried but there are several other cuts introduced by the designers that are equally amazing and versatile. Among the most popular cuts and styles are the kaftan abaya, butterfly cut, umbrella cuts, loose baggy style abayas, nursing abayas, and many others. You can opt for front open abayas that come with buttons and zips. Also, you can choose the pretty frilled abayas that are a combination of modern maxi styles. These days, abayas have become more functional. For instance, belts and pockets have been introduced as a novel fashion in these dresses. These pockets can easily accumulate your cell, wallet, and keys. 

The diversity of designs has made it easier to style your abayas according to your personality. For instance, if you are a chubby person and find it uncomfortable to fit in the straight-cut abayas, you can go for baggy abayas or kaftans, or butterfly cuts. These cuts will minimize your weight, giving you a graceful final look. For women who are slim and smart, umbrella cuts are the most feasible abayas for them. So, you can change your abaya according to its utility. Have a look at the latest catalog of trendy abayas at lamosaik.com and get your desired ones now. 

  • Creative Embroidery

Just like the modern-day dresses and clothing advancements, abayas have also incorporated embroidery designs. You will see a great variety of embroidered designs that grab the viewer’s attention at once. These abayas are embellished with beads, sequins, and other embellishments. Appealing floral thread embroidery enhances the statement of this apparel. Delicate embroidery on the neckline and sleeves makes them luxurious. In addition to this, there is a variety of hemlines and back. Some of these abayas come with embellished belts. So why not seize the opportunity to buy the most recent designs of embroidered abayas online at La Mosaik? Place your order now.