Interesting Facts About Mezzanine Gates For Warehouses

Mezzanine gates are a good option for warehouses that store goods on the mezzanine level. These safety barriers protect workers while allowing easy access. In addition, they are typically made of a high-visibility material and can be easily replaced. They are also inexpensive and don’t require any fabrication on-site.

Mezzanine Gates For Warehouses
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Types of Mezzanine Gates

Depending on the type of mezzanine gate you’re looking for, you can choose from two basic options. One type is a swing gate, which can fit openings between 16 ‘and 36 ‘in width. This type of gate can be adjusted from the field using a wrench. It can be adjusted to fit the width of openings without removing or adjusting the gate itself, saving you time and money.

Pallet gates are another option. They allow pallets to be lifted onto the mezzanine floor but maintain a barrier between them and the exposed floor below. Regardless of what type of goods you’re storing, ensuring the safe transfer of goods is vital to your business. Sliding pallet gates have been banned for mezzanine floors, but options are still available for these types of gates. Most businesses choose up and over pallet gates, which are fully mechanical and easy to operate.

These gates are adjustable, which allows you to adjust them according to the opening width of your warehouse. Moreover, these gates come with a one-year warranty.

A rotating mezzanine system prioritizes safety and is easy to move into various positions with minimal manual labor. These types of mezzanines also have three gated sides and one open side, ensuring safety and security for your warehouse. In addition, three sides have a raised lip, which limits small item slide-offs.

Mezzanine safety is important for the safety of your workers and warehouse. There are many different hazards in warehouses, including falling objects. Therefore, it would be best to consider installing mezzanine safety gates and other OSHA-approved fall protection devices. You can also install warning signs to make workers aware of the risks of falling objects.

They reduce falls

A mezzanine gate is a great way to prevent falls from elevated walkways. Unfortunately, these walkways are typically not well-lit, and workers can fall when they cannot see where they are walking. Fortunately, safety lines are also an excellent way to prevent falls from this walkway.

Mezzanine gates are designed to provide fall protection to workers loading materials into and out of a warehouse. They prevent workers from falling from an elevated mezzanine edge with an ANSI and OSHA-compliant gate. These gates are available in single and double-pallet widths and have a one-year warranty.

Mezzanine safety gates are essential for keeping employees and goods safe. Without them, employees may fall, which can cause serious injury or even death.

They meet specific code requirements

Mezzanine gates for warehouses offer safety and accessibility for warehouse workers. They provide an effective solution to expanding warehouse space by providing additional storage, office space, or workspace. However, designers must be aware of the regulations governing these structures. There are several important aspects to consider, including the following:

Mezzanine gates should meet specific code requirements. For instance, they should be designed to meet ANSI safety standards, which were implemented to improve the safety of warehouse employees working on the upper levels of mezzanines. The standards also cover how workers load and unload materials.

When choosing a material, consider the requirements for the structure. The cheapest materials include composite engineered wood, plywood, or particle board, which can be painted or covered for aesthetic purposes. Other options include steel, grating, or concrete, which offer the best strength and noise reduction but can be expensive.

They provide a work area in hard-to-reach areas

Mezzanine warehouse gates provide a safe working area for workers. In hard-to-reach areas, workers can access products and deposit inventory. They can also be used to extend access to manufacturing operations. Industrial businesses need a network of elevated pathways.

Warehouses often use mezzanines to maximize the efficiency of space. However, raising work platforms into the air can pose several safety hazards. This is why certain safety standards have been implemented to mitigate these risks. Mezzanine gates for warehouses offer fall protection for workers and can help employers comply with these regulations.