All you Need to Know about Moto Edge Plus

Motorola has not released a new smartphone for a really long time. Well, the smartphone is surely worth the wait because it has some of the best specs. You can even play real money online casino games on this phone.

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Motorola Edge Plus Release Date and Price

The smartphone will be released on May 14 and its price is $999. The phone is going to come in two colors which are grey and a pinkish smoky sangria.


Motorola has shifted from its Z –series design. The phone’s screen curving over the side is a bit similar to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Samsung and the Galaxy Note 10. Motorola has taken some of its top designs from other leading Android smartphones.

The phone is not heavy at all, it only weighs 203g. The micro SD and SIM slot is located to the bottom of the phone, to the left of the USB-C port. The main speaker is on the right of the port.


The phone has 6.7 FHD+ OLED display. It has 21: 9 ratio, the edges of the phone do not flatten. The Motorola Edge Plus has 90 Hz refresh rate.


The phone has a triple rear camera system. The main camera has 108 megapixels, 1/1.3in sensor size. The new Motorola smartphone has one of the best cameras with ultra-high resolution sensor.

It has more than one camera, there are three on the rear.

Hardware Spec

Moto Edge Plus comes with 5,ooomAh battery and it also has wireless charging. It also has a water repellent design and an in display fingerprint scanner. On top of that it has 256 GB storage and it is 9.6mm thick. The phone also has 12GB ram meaning it is super-fast. It is the fastest connected smartphone that is available at the moment.


It has the Android 10 operating system. Motorola has however added a Moto app to its device.

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