All You Need To Know About Vaporizer Screens

A vaporizer is an essential device for ensuring a pure and safe draft of cannabis. Each one of its parts, from the power source, heating chamber, to the mouthpiece are just as vital in working together to bring about the first.

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But many vape-enthusiasts and noobs seem to forget that a vaporizer screen should be given utmost importance as well. As you make your selection of the ideal vaporizer kit for you from, here’s what you should know about vape screens.

What Are Vape Screens For? 

Screening Concentrate Detritus and Dry Herb Particles 

First, we’d like to reiterate that vaping provides you with a cleaner, purer draft in comparison to smoking a joint (or any similar “burning” mechanism for extracting cannabis essences and terpenes). The device allows it.

That being said, a screen made of low-quality materials and with a poor mesh framework can stand in the way of taking a clean draft. This is because a low-quality mesh can let the detritus of concentrates and particles of dry herbs permeate.

A calibre vape screen will help you avoid these.

Too Small Screens May Block Vapour 

In contrast to the above, screens that have too-small holes can hamper the stable passage of vapour from the oven to the mouthpiece. Not that screens in themselves will let this transpire, but small mesh frameworks are prone to accumulating resin. And this resin-accumulation is what will serve as an obstruction against an otherwise smooth puff.

Types of Vaporizer Screens 

  1. Mesh Screens 

Here’s one of the most common types of vaporizer screens to date, and is the O.G. of them all. Mesh screen functions are very straightforward— they do the sifting-job very well. Nothing complicated here. Just a part of the vaporizer that lets vapour travel from point A to point B, no hassles.

However, there is the topic of material type. Cheaper, less durable vapes have screens that are a little more difficult to clean than others. As a result, resin eventually gets trapped in them and even affect the flavour of a draft.

Fine screens are for seamless whiffs. But be sure to maintain them well so that they don’t trap particles and detritus over time.

  1. Glass Vaporizer Screen

Glass screens only have a handful of holes in them, and they are significantly larger than that of mesh. Vaping aficionados choose these because of the inertness of glass. Glass does not change the cannabis product’s biological and chemical makeup.

You’ll have to be warier about finer herbs getting in between these holes. But as long as you are able to constantly clean them and remove said dross and herb leftovers.

  1. Flat Plate Vape Screen (Drilled) 

These appear as their name connotes— screens with holes “drilled” into them. They come in a disc-like form. The size and number of holes in these flat plat screens will depend on the cannabis product you’ll use them for. Additionally, they will depend on the draft and/or airflow intensity you prefer.

An advantage to flat plate vape screens is that they are convenient to clean since they have large dill-holes which do not quickly trap particles. However, they have a higher chance of letting herbs pass through, therefore pushing particles into the vapour itself.

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