AC Maintenance Guide for Homeowners in 2022

Your air conditioning unit plays a crucial role in making your life more comfortable in the home. Hence, you also need to do some air conditioner maintenance to ensure that you can get the most out of the unit and reduce downtime. So, what can a homeowner do to help with AC maintenance? Well, that’s what this article is all about.

Get High-Quality Filters

Most, if not all, air conditioning systems will have air filters. It’s the filter’s job to prevent dust and debris from entering the system. In time, the filter gets clogged as the captured dust and debris accumulate. It’s imperative that you clean or replace the filters as this will reduce the system’s air intake.

You shouldn’t cheap out on filters. This is because cheap filters tend to get clogged faster, which means you have to clean or replace them much sooner. Generally, it’s recommended that you clean or replace the filters once every three months.

Clean the Vent Gates

Before the air hits the filters, it passes through the system’s vent gates. Dust and debris also tend to accumulate in the vent gates. And, just like the filter, it reduces the system’s air intake if the vent gates are getting clogged.

To clean the vent gates, it’s best to remove the grate, wash it in the sink and leave it out to dry. While the grate is drying, you can also take a wet towel and start wiping the interior areas near the vent gates.Lastly, make sure you remove any obstacles that are in front of the vent gates so the system can take in the maximum amount of air possible.

Clean the Exterior of the Air Conditioning Unit

If you have an AC in which the primary system is exposed outdoors, you will have to ensure that the exterior is clear from any dust or debris.

Small debris tends to infiltrate the system after an episode of strong winds. The debris may cause inefficiencies in the system. Hence, you should check the system’s exterior parts and ensure no debris is present.

You’d also want to clear any visible dust using a stiff broom. Of course, it’s always best to commission an air conditioning cleaning service. However, you can do this minor cleaning between the professional deep cleaning sessions.

The Fan Blades

After checking the vent gates and the air filters, the next thing you want to do is to place your hand in front of the vent gates. Try to feel if there’s a proper amount of air going out. If you think the air outflow is weak, check the fan blades for any obstruction or anything that might be stuck that causes the blade to turn slower. You can also clean the blades with a damp cloth while you’re at it.

If there’s nothing stuck and the blades turn slower, you need to contact a technician right away.

Wrapping It All Up

There’s no substitute for a professional service for complete air conditioning maintenance. However, this doesn’t mean that a homeowner can’t do anything to help with the maintenance. As mentioned above, you can get high-quality filters, clean the filter, clean the vent gates, clean the exterior of the AC unit and check the blades.

By doing so, you can help with the maintenance and help you save money, time, and inconvenience caused by a broken down AC. Lastly, it’s best to hire professionals for an air conditioner installation, so everything is set up to make maintenance easier for you.

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