Acre Gold Review

Acre Gold is an entry-level gold investing online platform. Unlike many other precious metals investment platforms Acre Gold offers a subscription-based model allowing users to gradually build up their wealth through gold ownership. The platform is dramatically different than traditional market solutions that require large lump sum payment to buy a bar or coin of precious metals outright.

Acre Gold offers the option to purchase gold either digitally or physically. Regardless of whether they buy digitally or physically, users are buying a fraction of a bar at a time until they’ve purchased the entire gold bar. Once an entire gold bar has been purchased, they’ll either ship the gold bar directly to the owner or vault it depending on the buyer’s preference. As a platform, it’s gained traction every year including multiple press mentions and an in-depth Acre Gold review from Modest Money.

Why invest in gold?

Gold and other precious metals have been considered some of the best and safest long-term investments for decades. Although investing in gold won’t appreciate in value dramatically in a short amount of time, it has historically worked as a successful hedge against inflation. Because of its intrinsic value from its physical properties and use, gold tends to go up when the stock market dips in valuation. The largest challenge investors face when trying to invest in gold is the high capital requirements to purchase it.

What you need to know from an Acre Gold review

Acre Gold is designed to help investors start investing in gold with minimal capital requirements. It offers two different ways to purchase, either digitally or physically across multiple subscription price points. The cheapest option the Acre Gold offers is $30 per month placed toward a 1 gram gold bar, a literal gold nugget, with the most expensive being priced at $250 per month put toward a 10 gram gold bar.

Bars are shipped once the value of the account matches the value of the gold which can be determined using the company’s website under the gold price tab. The tab reflects the price of their most expensive 10 gram gold bar. Right now, the tab doesn’t provide a 1 gram gold price.

Subscription tiers

Acre Gold’s separates both their digital and physical gold options into 4, based on monthly affordability and preference.

  • Tier 1: $30/month towards 1 gram of gold
  • Tier 2: $50/month towards 2.5 grams of gold
  • Tier 3: $100/month towards 5 grams of gold
  • Tier 4: $250/month towards 10 grams of gold

It’s important to remember that the subscription is paid toward the purchase of the actual underlying gold asset, so the different tiers outside of affordability also determine how fast you’ll complete the purchase and have your gold shipped to or vaulted for you.


Regardless of the tier that fits your budget, Acre Gold has a straightforward shipping and storage setup. Storage is charged at $1 per complete purchase and is what happens to any gold bought digitally. Physically bought gold is shipped directly to you and is based on a sliding flat flee, depending on the number of completed purchases you’ve made.

In addition to paying shipping or storage fees Acre Gold also charges a one-time $12 fee for account set-up. This once-off fee is in line with their overall philosophy of making gold purchases more approachable, especially when compared to competitors such as Money Metals and Augusta who require higher amounts of capital to start purchasing and higher setup fees when required.

Acre Gold’s transparent flat pricing inherently incentivizes the purchase of their more expensive bars to be the most cost-effective.

Can I cancel?

The straightforward answer is yes. The company offers full refunds on any gold that hasn’t been shipped to you yet. However, they do charge a cancellation and payment processing fee.

Unlike many older precious metal purchasing platforms Acre Gold allows you to cancel directly through their customer portal, meaning you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or sit through a representative trying to convince you not to cancel.

Can I trade the gold on the platform?

Unfortunately, right now Acre Gold does not let you trade gold or purchase a gold etf. The platform is instead structured for buying the physical product only.

Should I use Acre Gold?

If you’re looking to start investing in gold and you want a straightforward platform, Acre Gold might be the perfect fit for you. It gives you the option to physically hold the product or keep it vaulted until you want it or indefinitely.

Outside of your portfolio, the gold bars they offer also act as an amazing gift, especially for children who get to hold and see the product which will increase in value as they get older.

At a high level, Acre Gold gives you a couple of things all at once:

  • A secure way to hedge against inflation and your other more traditional investments.
  • A relatively low-cost way to enter the precious metal investing space.
  • A useful tool for educating the family about appreciating assets.
  • A way to insulate your finances from the ups and downs of financial institutions

If after reading this Acre Gold review, you’re interested in starting a subscription with Acre Gold you can click here to see the tiers and pick what makes the most sense for you.

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