Acrylic Nails – What is it, How to Do It!

Have you ever heard of acrylic nails?

Maybe you’ve even heard about this nail stretching technique, but do you know how it really works?

If you have this and so many other questions about stretching through acrylic nails, the post gathered the main questions and brought the answers for you to know everything about the technique before joining the procedure to make your nails long.

About acrylic nails what are acrylic nails? 

Those who suffer from small nails and dream of having long nails definitely, and not just the temporary options of false nails, currently there are several techniques to lengthen nails, such as acrylic nails.

This type of nail extension is characterized by a type of stretching that places tips (extensions) glued to the tips of the natural nails and then adds a little acrylic mixture between the natural nail and the extensions.

This mixture is shaped to leave the natural result between the natural nails and the extensions.

Therefore, this type of stretching is characterized by the extension through tips and a clay that is modeled on the nail, giving the uniform shape for nail stretching.

How long does it take?

The durability of acrylic nails will depend a lot on the care with the extensions, but in general the nails are very durable and can be used for up to 1 year after application. If you are a fan of acrylic nails then you also should have the acrylic coffin nail sets to choose best set for an event. 

Of course, to ensure that the nails have such durability, maintenance is necessary, and in this type of stretching, maintenance must be done every 20 or 3 days, in order to guarantee the resistance of the extensions and the natural appearance after the growth of the natural nails.

What Care Routine is Recommended?

To ensure the durability and strength of acrylic nails, it is important to implement a care routine, such as:

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is one of the main points to ensure the durability of nail extensions. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the professional recommendation for the time between maintenance.

Keep your nails dry: To ensure your acrylic nails last longer, always keep your hands dry after washing, preventing moisture from softening the extensions. Make sure your nails are dry and buff properly, cuticles are pushed back. You can use the best fake nail glue for strong bounding of nails and hold them for few seconds. Another tip is to wear gloves to do household chores, avoiding contact with cleaning products and lots of water during the dishwashing process.

Do not use acetone: to remove nail polish from acrylic nails, do not use acetone or acetone-based products, because the substance can remove the acrylic putty on the nails. The ideal is to use remover without acetone.

Keep your hands and nails hydrated: Hydration is an important point to ensure that acrylic nails last longer. Therefore, use hand oils and moisturizers to avoid drying hands and nails.

Acrylic X Gel: Which is Better?

Nail extensions are being increasingly sought after by women as an option to make nails long and less brittle.

And as this search for stretching is increasingly frequent, there are also several stretching techniques, which often end up being confused, as is the case with acrylic nails and acrylic nails, known as gel nails.

And to solve the doubts and end the confusion about these types of nail stretching, let’s go through the differences between the stretching:

  • Acrylic Nails: Acrylic nails use tips and an acrylic mixture that joins the extensions to the natural nails, leaving the surface uniform and natural looking.
  • Gel nails: the acrigel technique, or gel nails, also uses tips and instead of the acrylic mixture, a layer of gel is applied joining the extensions to the natural nails. In this procedure, drying is done with a UV booth, which is not necessary for acrylic nails. And despite having a very natural result, the durability is not as good as acrylic nails.

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