7 Facts About Activ Foundation CEO Michael Heath and His Work

People living with disabilities deserve full participation and equal opportunities as abled people—the Activ Foundation believes so. It is Michael Heath, the Activ Foundation CEO, overseeing the efficient provision of NDIS pre-planning, community programs, education and employment services, and many more prospects for people with intellectual disabilities.

Who exactly is Michael Heath, and what does he bring to the foundation as the new chief executive officer? How does he fulfill the purpose, realize the vision, and uphold the values of one of the leading disability service providers in Western Australia?

Activ Foundation CEO Michael Heath
Activ Foundation CEO Michael Heath

To get to know him and his profile better, here are seven facts about Activ Foundation CEO Michael Heath and his work:

Wealth of Experience

Mr. Heath offers over twenty-five years of experience in various fields, including several executive roles in aged care, insurance, and proprietary organizations. As the most valued and sought-out element in any job, his wealth of experience reflects his successful and fruitful leadership in the Activ Foundation.

Mr. Heath has contributed to numerous industries, including MercyCare, St. Ives Group, RAC, and Perth Racing. Furthermore, he is also a fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. From there, he has acquired many lessons and honed his diverse set of skills which he now dedicates to Activ as its new CEO.

Involvement in Family Care and Disability Services

Activ is a foundation that believes in the skills and abilities of every person. It is built to provide more opportunities and ease of access for people living with disabilities. As such, it is only proper that the organization seeks a well-informed leader familiar with family care and disability services.

As the Activ CEO, Mr. Heath acknowledges the vast number of people that rely on disability service providers. From his involvement in MercyCare and other organizations and charity work for aged care, community, and disability services, Mr. Heath is equipped with enough knowledge and empathy to lead Activ towards a passionate, values-centered performance.

Strong Track Record in Strategic Management

As an MBA graduate of The University of Western Australia, Mr. Heath has long been concerned with operations management and the overall business world. Majoring in Strategy and Leadership, it is no surprise that he boasts a strong track record in strategic management.

Throughout his career, Mr. Heath has showcased business growth and development through strategic planning, partnerships, and both operations and change management. Most importantly, his education and experience-backed leadership and strategic management gave rise to customer satisfaction.

An Excellent and Effective Executive

With the several industries he has worked for, Mr. Heath has consistently emerged as the executive officer every organization needs. He works with excellence and effectiveness, vividly seen in his productive leadership and way of doing things.

As a fellow of the Institute of Company Directors, he is expected to be well-versed and competent in world-class corporate governance. Moreover, his experience in executive management only proves his abilities and constant involvement in the field, particularly in roles similar to being the Activ CEO.

Volunteering and Charity Work

Another admirable fact about the Activ CEO is his efforts for volunteering and charity work. As the core of the foundation has always been community service, it is only fitting to employ the expertise of Mr. Heath, centered on service, solidarity, and goodwill.

Among his elaborate efforts in giving back to society include funding a charity that supports the welfare and success of athletes with disabilities. It is clear that even before his time with Activ, his will was always to help the disabled sector.

Passion for Community Involvement

Mr. Heath’s passion for community involvement is transparent in his action-oriented leadership, voluntary roles in nonprofits, and charity work. But as the new Activ CEO, he now has a more significant and more impactful role to fill—ensuring the liberty and independence of people with disabilities.

In fulfilling the highest-ranking position in the Activ Foundation, Mr. Heath is equipped with an ever-burning passion and commitment to getting involved in the lives of people with disabilities. It is his will to heed their concerns and direct the company to the path where said gaps are bridged—to improve the people’s lives and overall status in the community.

A True Leader and a Businessman

Disability services and support are no easy business. You must understand the dire need of people living with disabilities for better opportunities and overall status in life. In serving a vulnerable sector, only a true leader and a businessman can make things work.

With his extensive career spanning various executive roles and several industries, Mr. Heath has long proven his abilities to fulfill the role of the Activ CEO. As a businessman, he has brought innumerable contributions and growth to every organization he has handled.

Final Thoughts

It takes a competent and compassionate CEO to run a community benefit organization. One must have the expertise, experience, and personal values that resonate with the position and overall foundation. With the facts discussed above, it is without a doubt that Michael Heath is a pivotal presence in the success of the Activ Foundation.

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