Adjustable Mattresses: Are They Worth The Investment?

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Getting a good night’s sleep is not only vital for our physical health but also our mental health. The recommended amount of sleep per day for adults is around 8 hours per night depending on a few different factors, including job and body type.

If you feel you aren’t getting enough sleep and it’s affecting your daily lives then it might be time to take a look into why you aren’t sleeping and if there’s anything you can do to aid your night’s sleep. Many people take their bed and mattress for granted, not thinking it makes a difference is a common problem. As soon as the mattress has been changed sleep is fully restored.

Here we take a look at the adjustable mattress and if they’re worth the investment. 

Why Do We Need Sleep?

The first thing we need to ask ourselves when looking at investing in anything to do with sleep is: Why do we need sleep? Well, sleep does, in fact, play a vital role in good health and well-being in our lives. The right amount at the right time is essential for protecting your mental health, physical health, safety and your quality of life.

When we are awake, the way in which we feel depends on what happens when we are asleep. During sleep, our bodies are working away to maintain physical health and support healthy brain function. It’s like we are recharging our batteries when we are asleep.

The damage from not sleeping well, or sleep deficiency, can occur instantly in the form of a car crash, or over a long period of time. Chronic health problems are strongly linked to sleep disorders so ensuring we get the right amount of sleep is essential. Maybe it is worth investing?

So Why Adjustable?

To discover if the adjustable mattress is worth beneficial, we need to take a look at some of the finer details. What are the benefits of having an adjustable mattress and are there any downsides?

Are They More Comfortable?

Firstly we look at comfort. The adjustable mattress is said to improve comfort. The writers from this sleep blog explain that when we experience muscle soreness, back pain, congestion and medical conditions, our comfort can be greatly affected.

Individual comfort will constantly be changing so having an adjustable base will allow complete movement for changes in your position. This will allow optimal comfort and will accommodate our bodies fluctuating sleep needs. So in short, yes they are more comfortable.

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Will They Help With My Condition?

If you’re struggling with a health condition then sleep is essential to your body’s repair. Without it, your condition can continue on for years. Something no one wants. It’s said that elevating the upper body can help and promote healing after things such as surgery or childbirth.

Finding a comfortable sleeping position can be tough after one of these events. Physicians will often recommend a sleeping position for you that will aid recovery, so having an adjustable mattress to find these positions will be important to your recovery.

Not only will it help with recovery it will also help with other conditions such as sleep deprivation and the conditions that come with it. The zero gravity position is where the head is raised and the knees and lower legs are raised just above the heart, but below the head. There are a number of different benefits found for sleeping this way.

Help Your Blood Flow

It’s widely known that having your legs raised above the heart will promote blood flow to the rest of your body. This improves the overall circulation which results in a number of different benefits. The Adjustable mattress does exactly this.

Healthy blood circulation carries oxygen and nutrients around our bodies including the brain. Healthy brain function increases your productivity, provides mental clarity and better equips us to manage things like our stress levels.

Is It Worth The Money?

After reading the previous benefits of the adjustable mattress we should move on to how much they cost. Are they worth the price? Well, that’s the same as asking if your life is worth a certain amount of money.

On average an adjustable double bed costs around $1400-$1500. The recommended amount of time you should be using a mattress is 10 years making the math pretty easy to work out. Let’s say our mattress cost us $1500 all in, including delivery and installation. That’s $150 a year. Breaking it down into a daily sum, you’re paying $0.41 per night to sleep on something that’s going to improve your health. What’s the bet you spend $5 a day on coffee? $0.41 sounds worth it to me!

Looking after ourselves should be one of the main things we strive for in life. Diet is becoming a much larger concentration in many people’s lives, but sleep still seems to get dismissed. It plays such a vital role in keeping ourselves fit and healthy that investing in it seems like a no brainer! Don’t let your quality of life be affected by not sleeping well. Take it into your own hands and act on it today.

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