Adoption of Advanced Technologies in Smart Locks

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Rising investment in smart cities and new real estate projects include the adoption of the latest technologies like the Bluetooth, the 5G networks, and the Z-wave. A major feature of these projects is the introduction of hi-tech security systems including smart locks in the doors. The growing demand and penchant for smart technologies are expected to drive the growth of the smart locks industry. The global market for smart locks is projected to witness a CAGR of 18.4% between 2019 and 2027.

But with the introduction of the new smart locks comes the fear of being locked out of your house or vehicle and unable to deal with the problem (because of the inadequate technical skills). This is where the need for emergency locksmith services that are certified and have the expertise to make the duplicate keys for smart locks is felt. Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico is a certified locksmith agency whose expert staff is up-to-date on the latest security systems installed in residential and commercial properties. The agency can help in all home lock out or vehicle lock out situations by making fresh keys or duplicating the original program keys with and without the chip.

How do Advanced Technologies help?

The incorporation of core technologies like the Internet of Things or IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud-based applications is at the core of the smart locks with new features. The integration of these technologies allows manufacturers to develop special intelligent locks for residential and commercial applications. These locks offer better network connectivity and improved protection, a much-needed requirement in the Post COVID World when people are looking for contactless options.

The use of Bluetooth technology allows manufacturers to develop smart locks that can be operated through a tablet or an iPhone. These locks open automatically once they detect the Bluetooth signal. These smart locks are an excellent option for people looking to increase the security of their homes and offices. The use of locks with smart technologies allows the owners to limit or control the access to the doors to specific people at specific times besides monitoring who is coming and going from their home.

These locks even allow you to provide access to family and friends to your home when you are away and are quite handy when you want your servants to enter the home but do not wish to give them the keys.

Popular Types of Smart Locks

Some popular types of smart locks available in the market come with various operation modes such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and biometrics. You can choose from:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled locks that allow notifications to be sent to the homeowner. These locks come with an emergency fob to manually unlock the door and use and work with both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Smart keys that can be installed over the existing locks but require an iPhone or a fob for access.
  • Smart locks that use iOS and Android systems to allow virtual keys.
  • Biometric door locks are widely popular in offices and residential buildings adopting biometric applications for the entry of people.
  • Smart door locks that can be operated via the WiFi technology

Familiarization with the working of these smart locks is important to prevent a house lockout.

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