3 Advantages of Modernizing IT in Your Business

Modernizing IT in your business image 3333Going through the digital transformation process requires adapting to a series of changes. Among them is the modernization of technologies …

That’s because, according to a study conducted by US consultancy Avanade, for 65% of executives surveyed conventional systems and approaches are no longer compatible with emerging requirements to leverage a digital business. That is why one of the initiatives present in the Digital Acceleration process implemented by Dextra focuses on modernizing this area in companies.

Called IT Modernization, the approach is to look for the best current technologies so that the company’s IT area has the right infrastructure and tools to innovate and scale its digital operations.

The measure has proven to bring positive results. According to the Avanade study, modernizing the technologies used allows you to increase business revenue by 14 percent and make the process of digital transformation in the organization much easier.

The advantages of modernizing IT

In addition to increasing revenue, there are other very significant advantages to bringing new technologies to your business. Check out what they are:

Increases ability to innovate

The great advantage of modernizing IT lies in increasing a company’s ability to innovate. In the old model, an organization’s IT needs to predict and plan a lot to build its infrastructure, such as the capacity needed for the technologies used. This makes the process of innovation very difficult, as there is a chance that the infrastructure that has been provisioned will not be fully utilized and become a risk, a wasted cost. While using cloud technologies, for example, it is possible to build and scale systems as they need more capacity, generating a lower cost for the business and enabling new ideas to be tried. For more information, read here.

Reduces time-to-market

In addition to increasing innovation capacity, another advantage of investing in new technologies is the ability to deliver customer value quickly and continuously. From automated processes, for example, you can test and bring new products to market more easily. In addition, cloud platforms have a variety of technologies and services that can be plug-and-play, without IT having to scale and provision dedicated infrastructures. For example, technologies for working with big data, large scale storage, etc. If you want to make an invoice, you dont even need a paper as you can use the best invoice app. That reduces the time and the paper cost.


And finally, along with increased innovation and the ability to launch products faster is scalability. This is because many of the technologies used allow you to invest and gain greater capacity on demand infrastructure to build your products and reach users worldwide.

In the end, for businesses that are defining how they will modernize their IT, cloud technology is the starting point. The great advantage of this technology is that your business pays only for what it uses. From a security and infrastructure standpoint, it is also a less risky choice, as cloud providers are responsible for upgrades, allowing your organization’s IT to always have new features to use without worrying about installation and monitoring.