Advantages of Hiring a CMO to Market Your Business on Social Media

A chief marketing officer is someone who can boost the revenue of your company by improving sales using marketing techniques. CMO’s will help establish your company’s marketing goals, design a marketing strategy, and help the company successfully execute its marketing plan. A CMO can be a huge asset to your company and help increase overall brand awareness, as well as build relationships with business partners and other helpful individuals.

If you decide that your business would benefit from a Fractional CMO, there are a variety of strategies they may use to help your business. A newer means of increasing a company’s marketing is through social media, and with younger people entering the workforce everyday, it is important to understand that their purchasing power is constantly increasing as well. With this in mind, there are many benefits to hiring a CMO who is going to utilize social media to market your business. 

Increase Your Marketing Reach

It feels like everyone is on social media today, and while it isn’t actually every single person, it is still a large portion of the population. By using social media to market your business, a CMO will be able to reach entire groups of people that are impossible to access with other methods of marketing. Facebook alone has over 2.85 billion users each month, with Youtube at 2.2 billion, so while you aren’t going to be able to market to every single person on these platforms, your chances of exposing your brand to new people highly increases. 

Different social media platforms also have varying age demographics, so depending on the products and services you offer, a CMO can help you determine which social media sites would benefit your business the most. Creating an account and posting content to every social media platform would be a waste of your time and resources, and it can be challenging to determine which site is best for your business. A CMO with the right knowledge will be able to assess how well your business will do on different platforms, so you can make the best choice as to which one to pour time and money into. 

In addition, you can reach different kinds of audiences. A CMO will help you determine which platforms are better for the type of connections your business is looking to make. For example, Linkedin is useful if you are trying to make more professional connections, but it may not be the best for marketing certain products or services. On the other hand, a platform like Facebook can be a great place to gather customers. 

Increase Sales

Having your CMO utilize social media can directly increase the flow of people to your website, in turn increasing sales. Using social media is also a way for you to build upon your business’s personal brand and engage with current and future customers. By posting consistent content to your company’s social media you create a strong online presence that will encourage customers to interact with you. This interaction will keep people coming back to your page, and eventually your website.

When the engagement on your page increases, so do the chances of reaching new audiences. Something that is popular will always make its way to more people, so if customers are enjoying your social media content, it is going to end up on the pages of their friends. In the same way, if your audience enjoys interacting with your company’s content, they will want to share it with their friends. A CMO can help you determine what strategies will increase engagement. 

Reduce Costs for Advertising

While hiring a CMO to do your marketing will add cost for your company, marketing with social media will likely save you money in the long run. Social media is an easy way to advertise without any cost, because there is no fee attached to simply posting online. This makes social media one of the best ways to increase brand awareness for your business, because when it is done right it is incredibly cost effective. 

However social media can be difficult to navigate, especially if you do not use it in your personal life. That is where a CMO comes in. Not only can a CMO help you use social media for marketing, they will be able to knowledgeable advise you about on which platforms, audiences, and trends will best suit your specific business. 

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