Advantages of Hosting QuickBooks with a Third-party Hosting Services

Hosted QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting application that enables unlimited access to business data and files over the internet from any location and device. Users can perform accounting operations like invoice customization, sale, P&L tracking, and the analysis of reports of the business. QuickBooks on the cloud offers highly secured user access, enables customization of the server for instant sign-in, and allows connection with the help of a Remote Desktop Protocol. All the versions of this software can be hosted on the cloud with the help of third-party QuickBooks Hosting Services.

So here are some Advantages of hosting QuickBooks with third-party hosting services:

Fast Connectivity and Unlimited Access

QuickBooks hosting enables access to business data and files from any place and at any time. The software provides multi-user access to files simultaneously. Also, co-workers, customers, and multiple departments can work on a file together, thus decreasing the time wasted on projects and develop collaborative requirements. QuickBooks hosting operates on up-to-date optimized servers that enhance the speed of accessing the files.

Decreased Cost of Operations

QuickBooks hosting eradicates the necessity to install, update and constantly manage IT structure and staff. The software needs no installation or a QuickBooks license. Moreover, uptime is improved, and the cost of operations is decreased. The IT assistance charges of QuickBooks are also decreased as the third-party services offer technical support.

Creates more Office Space

QuickBooks hosting eradicates the necessity for extensive office floor space. This can be an ideal alternative for small businesses or businesses with less office space. It also allows accessibility through various devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Improved Feature Availability

QuickBooks hosting enables the running of several QuickBooks applications on a device. Users can access the previous as well as new functions of QuickBooks on any version. These functions are user-friendly and time-saving as installation and constant maintenance are not required. Significant add-ons and integrations are also available in the QuickBooks hosted software. You can also host QuickBooks on the cloud with competitive Desktop as a Service Pricing.

Backups and Data Security

QuickBooks cloud data is secured by several layers to avoid the loss of data in case of malfunctions or disasters. The system saves data in the highly guarded data centers breaching the data from several threats. Automated backup of files is also performed regularly by third-party hosting services.

In the case of data transfers, data encryption avoids any kind of leaks to other sources. In the case of secure access, the cloud accounting system enables a firewall that controls unapproved access for authorized personnel only by using personalized login credentials.

Compatibility for Add-ons

QuickBooks hosting on the cloud allows more productive and compatible integrations to enhance the management of the accounting operations.

Regular Monitoring

The customer assistance team regularly monitors QuickBooks hosted software to avoid and eradicate potential threats. The team also gives quick responses to client requirements with round-the-clock availability.

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