5 advantages of choosing self-storage for SMBs

Self-storage space11
Image: adapted from www.boxie24.com

For any small to medium sized business that doesn’t have access to a large warehouse, there may come a time when renting a storage unit becomes advantageous. It could be because you’re starting to grow your business and temporarily need more storage space, you’re working with seasonal stock and need to put some away until it becomes usable again, or even because your office needs renovating and you need somewhere to store some furniture for the time being.

Regardless of the reason, there are several advantages if you choose a self-storage unit in  London, Sydney, New York, or wherever your office might be.

1. Only pay for the space you need

Thankfully, different sized rooms are usually available, so you don’t pay for unnecessary space if you only have a few small items. Prices will vary accordingly, too, so you can even check your budget and see what kind of storage room you can afford. This flexible, cost-efficient way of paying for storage is also great because the rooms are rented out per month, which means no year-long contracts to worry about.

2. Items will be picked up and dropped off

As not everyone has quick access to a large delivery truck in order to transport items, many of today’s storage companies actually provide the option to pick up your items and take them to the site. The items can also be delivered back to you when you want them. What’s more, the moving process could otherwise take away a day’s work from you and your employees! On demand storage will save your business a huge about of time, money, and effort.

3. Seasonal items have somewhere secure to be

Storage rooms are a great solution if space is at a premium for your business. Perhaps you’re a café with no need for large outdoor patio heaters once the weather starts to warm up. The option to store these bulky, heavy items away from your building and in a secure building for the spring and summer is well worth it. The rooms are guarded by security personnel, 24/7 cameras, and cutting-edge alarm and lock systems. Also, storage rooms are climate-controlled, which means nothing will be affected by the hot weather!

4. Somewhere safe if renovations are necessary

If your office needs painting or even if a wall needs to be knocked down over the course of a week, then it won’t be convenient at all to have furniture and computers covered in paint or dust. If there’s nowhere else to store the items for a week or so, then a storage unit is pretty hard to beat, especially if you can find a room size to fit and if everything is being picked up and returned.

5. Better for you and your employees

Every office needs to make tweaks in order to boost productivity. It’s not practical or convenient for an office to have surplus items simply laying about and taking up valuable space. Employees need a safe, spacious, and clean environment to get the very best out of them, so take their situation seriously and give them an office which helps them feel creative. Plus, at the end of the day, storage rooms aren’t forever but make a great temporary solution.