Top Advantages of Putting Up Your House for Sale on a Cash Basis

The term cash for a house may conjure up buyers handing over big bundles of banknotes to the seller; however, the reality is less dramatic. A cash sale means the buyer offers to pay the seller the agreed-upon price without obtaining finance. It is because the buyer has adequate funds for an outright purchase.

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It is natural to assume that it does not matter to the seller from where he receives the sale money, however, there are several advantages of a cash sale that make it lucrative. Some insights:

Fast Closing

According to Forbes, a cash sale requires much less time to close. The buyer does not have to arrange for a mortgage from a bank or other financing institution. The mortgage underwriting process is lengthy and can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days. The situation remains dynamic during this time, and the buyer might not get approval from the bank due to his changed financial circumstances. In a cash sale, the chances of the deal falling through due to the non-availability of financing are nil, which makes the sale faster to conclude.

Less Stress

Selling a house in the usual way involves many things, all of which require effort and can be stressful. For example, you need to identify a reliable, experienced, and competent real estate agent to list your property and find a buyer. You need to make your house presentable by cleaning, repairing, and painting it.

You may also need to hire professionals to stage the house to impress potential buyers. When you want to sell quickly, you don’t want to take all the effort and wait for a buyer to offer a price that makes it worthwhile.

Reduced Risk

Cash offers are absolute and non-ambiguous, unlike house sales based on buyers being able to secure financing. When selling a house, it makes sense to prefer buyers offering cash even if the amount is a little less because the deal is both sure and quick. Buyers can take a long time to get approval for the mortgage, and many issues can crop up that may delay or cancel the financing.

Save the Cost of Repairs

In a conventional home sale, the buyer would get an inspection done in addition to the appraisal required by the bank. If the home inspection throws up some issues, you will need to have them set right or renegotiate the sale price to accommodate the extra expense by the buyer. In a cash sale, the house is sold on an as-is basis, allowing you to save considerably on repairs and upgrades.


If you find a buyer willing to pay cash, you should ideally opt for it in preference to a conventional sale contingent on the buyer getting financing. The sale can be closed quickly, and you need not take on the effort and the stress of repairing and staging the house or the time and effort of showing the house to potential buyers. The sale does not depend on inspections, appraisals, and other issues that may cause the deal to fall through.

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