Advice on Disassembling Furniture Before Your House Moving

Are you prepared to begin disassembling the furniture?

Before you begin disassembling your couch and bookcases, gather all the necessary supplies and list the furniture that must be disassembled and that can move in its current configuration. If it can fit through the doors and into the moving truck without being dismantled, there is likely no need to disassemble it, and the furniture removalists perth are the best ones to help.

It would help if you searched for any user manuals that may be lying around that can aid in the disassembly procedure. Additionally, you could look for an online tutorial or guide. If you pack the furniture in resealable bags, label the bags, and then mark the labels, it will be easy to unpack.

How to Take Apart Furniture in 6 Easy Steps

1) Determine the distance between the old and new locations of all fixtures, doors, and furniture that must move

Please adhere to this methodically laid out procedure to successfully disassemble the furniture.

Included are all furniture, fixtures, and doors. Moving a piece of furniture as a single unit is typically the most efficient method, assuming the item does not have multiple fragile parts (for example, a china cabinet with mirror doors or glass shelves). Before disassembling furniture in preparation for a move, list tasks in order of importance.

Measure the moving truck and all doorways, hallways, and other exits that will be utilized during the move. Examine the opening to determine whether it can safely accommodate a large piece of furniture. For larger objects to fit through the doorways, one must disassemble them into their parts.

2) Remove all of the room’s furniture

After determining which components require disassembly, the initial step is to remove everything from the drawers and store it in a secure location. Remove the couch’s cushions and pillows and keep them separately. Before disassembling the bed frames, remove and store the mattresses.

3) Remove any components that can move or get broken easily

Moving parts, such as doors, and furniture components, such as mirrors, are particularly susceptible to damage if they are not packed or handled with care.

Mirrors and other glass furnishings should be wrapped in bubble wrap and blankets and labeled “fragile.”

During transport, drawers can easily dislodge from their slots and fall, chip, or break. Take them out and separate them for easier and safer transportation.

Removing doors from their hinges is possible after they have been unbolted. Use bubble wrap or blankets to prevent the items from cracking or breaking.

4) Remove the piece of furniture’s legs

If necessary, remove the legs from your sofas, dressers, and tables. It is essential that the legs of the furniture get packed with it, that it is labeled, and that it is kept together. After completing this step, reassembling everything will be much simpler.

5) Reassemble the frame

After removing the legs and moving parts, you can transport a now-lighter frame for more petite furniture. The structures of more oversized items must get disassembled to fit through doors and into the moving truck. You can quickly disassemble the table with a screwdriver, hammer, pliers, or wrench. It would be best if you only had only these tools.

Please refer to the included instructions if you wish to disassemble the furniture. To avoid permanent damage, having trained professional removalists Belmont assemble glued-together furniture is best.

6) It is necessary to disassemble and then reassemble the furniture

Packing furniture requires extreme care, regardless of whether the pieces are disassembled or left in one piece. Use packing materials such as furniture blankets, bubble wrap, and packing paper to reduce the risk of dents, scratches, and other transport-related damage. 

If you clearly label the resealable bags containing the nails, screws, and other components of each piece of furniture, reassembling it in your new residence will be a breeze.

How to disassemble furniture without having to hire a professional? 

While the average person can disassemble most pieces of furniture, you should likely hire a professional if the amount is substantial, old, or valuable. You should consider hiring removalists Cockburn to disassemble delicate furniture, such as a cabinet passed down through generations or a piece of furniture glued together.

You can save significant money by disassembling simple furniture, such as bookcases and desks, instead of paying a removalist in Perth $25 to $50 per hour. Most Movers and Packers charge an additional fee for disassembling furniture.

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