Affordable and sustainable loveseats for your office space

Are you looking for furniture for your home office space? Most work-from-home professionals don’t have unlimited budgets for designing and furnishing their home office space. Those who found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly working from home full time may just now be getting around to creating a real, long-term home office now that 40% of professionals want to continue working from home at least part-time.

You will get the most space to work with when you choose to finish the basement, improve accessibility to a loft or attic, or have an add-on built at the rear of the house for your office. Building an add-on is the only way to ensure you have complete control over the design and setup of your office.

When the average person thinks about a home office, they usually picture a single room casually and cheaply appointed that feels homey but not necessarily professional. That stereotype can be blasted into oblivion if you have the space to build a real office. 

Where to use loveseats in your office space

Loveseats usually feature two seats that may be divided by a center console consisting of cup holders, charging stations, and/or storage. This makes them more versatile than a single accent chair but only takes up a little more room. Both armchairs and loveseats can run in the same price range, so it only makes sense to choose the loveseat.

You can use a loveseat in many different ways, including:

  • Place on one wall on one side of your interior office with a small coffee table for use as a casual meeting area. 
  • If your clients or vendors will need to walk through part of your home to get to your office, it can be a good idea to place a professional leather or microfiber loveseat in the foyer or wide hallway. 
  • If your clients may need to wait for their appointment, placing a loveseat just outside your office door with a small accent chair and a selection of reading material gives them a professional but comfortable place to wait.
  • Do you have employees, freelancers, or contractors that work on-site? It may be a good idea to allow for a small break area consisting of a loveseat and coffee table, as well as a coffee, snack, and beverage station.

Sustainability does not have to mean expensive

Most people outfitting a home office are working on a fairly limited and strict budget. Many companies assume that sustainable materials will cost too much, and often overlook these opportunities. In reality, you can choose loveseat online that is wholly made of natural and renewable resources with discounts.

Furniture brands making sustainability a cultural priority

There are only a few truly eco-friendly materials used in creating furniture. Rattan, seagrass, and bamboo grow quickly for faster and more frequent crop turnaround, as well as being completely biodegradable. 

While there aren’t many brands offering this type of furniture, there are a few brands to stay abreast of that may be offering loveseats of these materials in the near future.

Rattan wicker furniture has been coming back into style (along with everything else related to the 90s), and that means you can find loveseats made of rattan online. Most of these may be advertised as outdoor furniture, but they can be placed indoors as well. The most affordable and quality brands offering rattan wicker loveseats are Modway and Baxton Studios.

Bamboo furniture is also becoming extremely popular as a fast-growing crop that can be tended year-round in some climates. You can find a bamboo loveseat from Worlds Away online as well. Seagrass wicker is also sustainable but isn’t really being used to make furniture as of yet.

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