5 Things AI Can Already Do for Your Company

A couple of years ago people had a tendency to speak of AI as of something far and mysterious, referring to science fiction or to quite a distant future. Today business people ask how can AI be used in the workplace to make it more productive, and their question has an answer. Economic benefits of artificial intelligence already have thousands of proofs from major world corporations, so what can AI already do for your company?

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Facial Recognition

One of the first advances AI has to offer is face recognition technology that possesses far more pros of artificial intelligence than that of unlocking your smartphone. Since artificial intelligence can see and analyze the outer world, it has the power to perform a variety of workspace tasks.

For instance, you can introduce face recognition to enhance security management and building or certain departments’ accessibility only by particular employees. All the programs and computing systems that are within a company’s use may be also strengthened by implementing facial recognition.

Another way of making great use of it is to apply the technology for product quality supervision that will cut out the necessity for taking on human resources for the same purpose.

Data Capture 

Data management is one of the indispensable pillars your business should be based on to make maximum use of every bit of data that comes in. AI data capture systems ensure smooth and effective information processing  deprived of accidental human errors that can cause major trouble.

Data management automation allows you to feel artificial intelligence pros like enhanced security, disaster data recovery, and impressive cost reduction. After all, is anyone still processing gigantic volumes of customer information by hand? If so, we pity them.

Natural Language Generation

What is Natural Language Generation - NLG
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One more data-related technology that is already applied by the majority of news and content-driven companies. Basically, natural language generation (NLG) is able to sum up the information given and composes a narrative out of it.

Such a useful benefit of artificial intelligence has made sophisticated and literal writing possible due to introducing structures and patterns machines could follow to significantly decrease the time and effort spent on creating written pieces of any kind. In conjunction with data capture management systems, they can significantly boost the work of any business department.

Predictive Analytics 

Digital marketing has been gaining momentum for years and the reason why eCommerce feels safe is machine learning. Smart technologies have learned the ways consumers act, how the new trends are installed and made viral.

Digital assistants trained for predictive analytics help detect the upcoming tendencies and make sure online stores are kept afloat. Moreover, predictive algorithms are applicable to any kind of business to help them build a secure long-term strategy based on the figures and performance history.

Pose Estimation

The recent technology that embraces another area of artificial intelligence benefits is human pose estimation. Pose estimation is the service that usually AI companies like InData Labs offer.

Initially, the system is based on body recognition, analyses, and machine feedback according to user needs. Pose estimation is widely used in fitness and post-injury recovery applications. But in fact, the technology that is able to track a human body in real-time is an asset for improving the security supervision system of your company.

The Final Word

Being an entrepreneur it’s vital to be in the loop when it comes to evolving technologies that can become a game changer for your business. AI systems already have a lot to offer, making the implementation of day-to-day specific tasks more efficient and much less time-consuming.

Although some say that the application of artificial intelligence is not will inevitably result in crucial side-effects for mankind, we believe that AI is called upon to unburden valuable human resources and let them focus on things that intelligent machines will never be able to accomplish.