AI Logo Designing Ideas – To Entice Customers and Establish a Brand Image!

With the emergence of AI-based tools, creating designs has become a piece of cake. However, quantity always doesn’t mean quality. Just because we can create ten logo designs at the click of a button, it doesn’t mean each of them is going to work with our brand.

To help you get past this charade, we have provided some great ideas to create a logo that might resonate with your brand. However, before that let’s learn the science behind creating a good logo.

The science behind Creating a Logo that People Click!

Why do we like anything? Why do specific designs instantly connect with our psyche but others don’t? What makes a design better than the other one?

It won’t be wrong to call logos the visual language of a brand. In fact, they serve a much more important function that a majority of people are unable to understand, however, a graphic designer does i.e. the identification of brands.

The moment we see the logo of Nike, Adidas, Google, Apple, etc, our minds instantly gravitate toward the name of the brands and the offerings it has. It is long-term brain conditioning that helps us create the image of the brand just by looking at the logo which serves as metadata. However, it still doesn’t answer why some logos are more captivating than others.

So is there a way that truly lets you create a logo that right away compels the target audience to click? Well, most likely not. However, there is a way to make logos that entices the target audience even at first glance but that happens subconsciously.

Let us give you something to think about. For instance, you are going through a food street of different restaurants. You haven’t tried any place before yet for some reasons the banners and logo of some restaurants compels you more to visit that place, however, other’s don’t. The situation is similar when it comes to any brand’s logo.

To further add, whenever we are browsing through the internet, we come across several brands. The moment we see a logo it creates a brain map inside. This process is subconscious in nature so it happens without us even noticing it. The idea behind a good logo is to use colors, shapes, and design elements with the offerings of the brand. For instance, if we are creating a logo for a coffee shop, using any of the shades from brown and a coffee cup will create a mental image. Once we associate that logo with further data about that coffee shape, our brain starts to create patterns and that is where the magic happens. Upon further getting exposed to that similar logo, we start to recognize that place a lot more in comparison to other coffee shops.

Likewise be it an IT company, a manufacturing company, healthcare, or any organization from any industry, we need to make sure that the logo represents our brand correctly. This will help in association and help create metadata for your brand to stick inside the target audience’s head.

What is AI Logo Designing?

In many terms, AI logo designing is similar to traditional logo designing. However, there is one major difference i.e. in AI logo designing, we use an AI logo maker to create a logo. 

We all have heard about ChatGPT which produces creative content simply by providing prompts. However with AI logo makers, there are primarily two types of AI systems. One that uses prompts like ChatGPT. The great thing about these types of AI systems is that they can even produce abstract art, paintings, banners, etc simply by using a prompt. The other type references your brand data and use there AI system to create a logo for your brand using the already available prompts they have. 

Examples of AI systems that work with prompts are:

  • Dall-E2
  • Midjourney
  • Craiyon
  • Bluewillo
  • Playground AI

Examples of AI logo makers:

  • Turbologo 
  • Logo AI
  • Designs.AI

AI Logo Designing Ideas – Create Compelling Logo Designs

In order to create a logo that represents your brand and the entices audience, as mentioned earlier we need to focus on the color as well as the design language. However, the task becomes, even more, easier if we take inspiration. This way we can see what worked for what brands, and maybe what can work for us.

To give you a better flavor of the idea stated above, we have mentioned some ideas below that can be used by you while using your preferred AI logo maker. These are:

Geometric Shapes

Our brain thinks in patterns and symmetry, and what better way there would be other than using geometric shapes for your brand logo. Create a minimalist and clean design with a square, circle, or maybe a hexagon. The great thing about geometric shapes is that an AI logo maker can easily create a design with much precision and structural integrity of the overall design.  Brands that use geometric shapes in their logo are Adidas, Olympics, Audi, Google Drive, Starbucks, etc.

Circuit Board

This is quite an unconventional one. However, if you are a brand that deals with electronics or circuitry, incorporating a circuit board or an electronic component into your logo design can be a great idea. There aren’t many brands who have used this idea, therefore, if done well it could end up becoming something iconic.

Futuristic Typography

Another great idea would be to experiment with futuristic typography. There are a whole of ideas out there related to this. It gives your logo a modern approach that also looks innovative at the same time. Try to be minimalist with the design and use simple fonts to enhance the readability of the same.

Neural Network

Right now, there is an upsurge in artificial intelligence development companies. There is no better way to describe a logo other for these companies other than using a neural network innovatively. A concept of interconnected lines and nodes that denotes the service you provide and the complex algorithms you use.

Human and Machine Integration

This design idea can be ideal for both the IT as well as manufacturing industries (especially dealing with equipment manufacturing). However, the real difference would only come in terms of envisioning it and it could be controlled by the design elements used. For instance, a robotic hand touching a human hand.

Brain and Technology

It’s possible the moment you read it, you may have already imagined. There are so many great examples of this logo design idea that is circulating on the internet. Blending an image of the human brain with gears, microchips, and circuity has so many great examples on the internet. Adding to it, this perfectly displays the symbiotic relationship of humans with AI and machines.

Abstract Concept

Abstract concepts for designing logos aren’t a new idea. This gives the designer much more flexibility to the designer and designing tool to create something novel in nature. An abstract logo symbolizing learning with data and decision-making can be a great way to do it. It allows the person behind the design to play with shapes, lines, and different color compositions. However, it is important to be careful with it, otherwise, this can become something that the majority of the audience may not understand. 

Binary Code

At the grassroots level, a computer system understands things via binary codes. This could be a great design idea for the majority of IT companies as they deal with programming languages that are further interpreted as binary by computers. This also gives a clear idea of what the company deals with.

Vibrant Colors

Using vibrant colors is another great idea for the majority of consumer-based industries such as fashion, food, etc. For instance, restaurant chains use yellow and red colors to evoke a sense of hunger. For example, Mcdonald’s. Myntra is an online clothing store that uses multiple colors for its logo to create an upbeat image. The important aspect here would be to use the color gradient carefully and plant the transition of color within the design carefully.

Minimalist Design

Instead of calling minimalist design an idea, it would be better to call it a philosophy. The great thing about using a minimalist design is that it makes the design language of a logo much more conceivable. See, it’s easy for our brain to process things that are simple. With a minimalist design, everything becomes subtle and quite ironically sophisticated. Some common brands that use this type of design are Louis Vuitton, Apple, Uber, etc. 

Wrapping Up!

Right now, the market is flooded with AI logo makers. There are plenty of options to choose from that can create some interesting logo designs. However, by the end of the day, it is only the person behind the computer that decides what’s best in terms of design language. These AI tools can help us accelerate our work of creating a design and having multiple options in terms of brand logos. However, in the end, it is our decision-making that’ll help us have something unique that also resonates with the audience.