Alex Dee Discusses Momentum Hacks

This works for all businesses! If you’re in marketing, consulting, or coaching, this applies even more to your field!

The Biggest Hack to Getting into Momentum Is Action! – Alex Dee Marketing

The faster you can go from thinking or thoughts to doing, it will stop all the uncertainty of the what ifs, give you energy and confidence from the fact you just took a step toward your goals, and propel you into momentum mode!

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Micro Wins or Micro Goals Hack – Robert Kanaat

Setup a goal that is too small to fail – If your goal is to start exercising, set a goal that says, I’m going to walk from here to the next 100 ft. Knock that out. Then the next day do 200 ft. The next day 300 ft., and so on and so forth, each day adding on to the day before. This does two things!

  • First, you start out with a win! It lets your mind know that you can do this.
  • Second, it gives you sense of accomplishment and confidence that comes with taking a step closer to your goals.

Then the energy to continue and add on because, now, let’s say, the goal is to get to 1 mile run, you’ve already done 20-30 steps to lead up to that goal is mentally, you know you can do it because you’ve already been successful with 20 micro-goals to get you to that final goal!

Motivation is Only Needed When You’re Chasing Someone Else’s Goal Hack – David Goggins

Motivation is only needed when you’re chasing someone else’s goal! That’s why it’s called pushing toward your goal. It’s a force or resistance that’s there. When it’s truly your goal that comes from within, there’s no motivation needed because you’re being pulled toward your goal. It’s in alignment and harmony with who you are. The key to getting pulled is to go within not search outside.

Make Breaking Through to the Next Step the New Norm Hack – Megan Good – How to tap into your zone

So my training was to say work out hard after the first year and that’s it! Then I realized I was getting complacent in my workouts. So, I got a trainer that kept pushing me to work out harder each time. And you’re going to be able to push beyond what you’re capable of! That is, just take the steps now and it will go far beyond what happens every day!

We come to a point where I’ll just push myself to the next level and after a certain point, there comes a time when I realize that this was the norm and I broke into what most people call the zone! That’s when I realized that breaking through to the next thing was the norm and just kept doing that on a daily basis until that became a reality consistently!

To operate in the zone where I was constantly pushing myself to the next limit and staying there. That’s where most of the breakthroughs happen! Now it’s just part of my daily routine and who I am today where I don’t ever want to be complacent or satisfied! I realize that I’ll be happy with where I’m currently at, but I’m going constantly strive to do more!

Ten percent hack – David Goggins – How to stay in momentum and continually progress

You know, when you work out it’s really hard to have all these different workouts and what to do. Workouts can get pretty boring or complex if you try to figure out what you should do to keep growing. So, I have something that will keep it simple for you. It’s called the 10 percent hack.

What the 10 percent hack is every week just go up by 10% from what you did the week before. The good part to this is no matter where you were at last week, you can go up 10%. And the best part is 10% is infinite where you can always improve by going up 10% percent.

You can apply this to the treadmill, regular workouts. And I just used the workouts as an example. But you can apply this in every aspect of your life. You read 15 mins a day. Read 17 mins next week. Read 20 mins the following week and so forth.

One thing you’ll notice is not only are you progressing, but the energy you get from continuously improving and knowing that this week you did better than last week. This is an easy hack you can apply to all aspects of your life. Give it a try knowing no matter where you are this week, you’ll be higher next week!

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