Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All About E-liquids

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When it comes to trends with e-liquids and vaping, things are all over the place. As Verdict Vapors, a provider of tobacco eliquid explains,the vaping market is still expanding, and there isn’t a firmly established market yet in terms of product choices and primary uses – things like that. What we’re trying to say is that we still haven’t seen the ceiling on this thing.

So, we’d like to take a look at the customers. What are they looking for in their experience with the top flavor e-liquids offer and vaping? Why did they get into it, and how do they go about researching their products?

We’re going to look at prominent trends that developed around the e-liquid market and see how they’re shaping the market.

CBD at the center of things

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The primary reason why CBD oil is so broadly used in vaping is the fact that CBD is best absorbed by inhaling the substance. Until recently, the primary way of inhaling CBD was smoking. However, this form of consumption is losing popularity as vaping is less damaging for the lungs and doesn’t require additives like tobacco.

Furthermore, from a motivational perspective, CBD has many beneficial effects on our nervous system and our body’s health. It can treat things like insomnia, anxiety, diet disorders, chronic pain, inflammation, etc. All of this, while avoiding the use of opioids, which may have additive effects after prolonged use.

Vaping as a stylistic option

Although many celebrities vape and the hobby is widespread across many layers of society, the cultural connection to vaping is most strongly felt in the online environment. This isn’t a surprise as this is the environment where vaping earned its initial popularity. It is a standard part of many Twitch streamers’ routine while playing. The culture of vaping tends to be associated with urban culture, hoodies, and laid back attitudes.

We can also see how the customization that is possible with vaping devices also adds to their appeal. The millennial culture revolves mainly around individualism and expression. This makes the option of adding your style and picking your flavors very appealing. It is an expression of who the vaper is as a person. It’s a statement – sometimes a fashion statement, a political statement, or a statement of support.

Vaping as a hobby

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We already mentioned modification as an option. The devices can be fitted with different interchangeable parts to make it work a certain way; you can decorate the device, choose to wear it on a chain or in a wallet – there are all kinds of possibilities.

There is also the option of creating your e-liquids – just like people make their craft beers. We wouldn’t recommend this if you have absolutely no experience with it, but if you do your research correctly, you can do it. You’ll need to invest in some equipment and be careful with what you are doing, but it can be done.

Vaping contests are also a part of the hobby and culture. They are very popular in some circles and are a chance for passionate hobbyists to compare notes, network, and grow the culture.

These things show the depth vaping has as a hobby, which makes building a community around it much more comfortable and natural.

The community

Like with any fandom, there are always people who are there for the community. The vaping community and cultural identity it developed for vaping portray people who are there to chill and have some fun. Casual clothing (in most cases), along with a laid back vibe, is an attitude that many see as appealing.

Of course, the modding part of vaping and the fact that it is banned in far fewer places than smoking makes it a far more flexible choice for those who want to get their nicotine.

There’s also an emphasis on healthier living as so far, vaping seems to be a less harmful option than smoking.

While the community still revolves around people between 20 and 35 as novelties usually do, there are even signs of it getting traction with the older generations.


We hope we managed to show you what the primary market drives from the perspective of the people who vape. This is just an overview, but there are many implications here that will help you understand the vaping audience’s attitude and why vaping has gotten such a fantastic jump in popularity. We expect these motivations to become even more complicated as CBD finds its stable place in the market, and vaping develops further. Until then, follow the community, and they’ll tell you what they want to see.

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