All About Italian Cuisine in Mumbai

Both the food and the eating culture of today’s Italian cuisine have roots in the days of ancient Rome. In the prehistoric era, the Roman Empire covered a huge region that included the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. The spices and delicacies from the regions the Roman Empire conquered were incorporated into Roman cooking. Exotic and well-known foods were served in the Roman Empire. With foods like wine, bread, olive oil, legumes, vegetables, and cheeses, these early diets contained staples of the usual Mediterranean diet. Ostrich meat, fish sauces, and roasted game were just a few of the items the Romans experimented with. However, the taste of Italian food can also be found all over the world. Also, when you are in India and looking for Italian food in Mumbai, it has become even easier to get so if you select the option of online food delivery.

Before we find out where you can get Italian food in Mumbai, one of the most developed cities in India, let us talk out the types of Italian dishes you can get through online food delivery:


Inevitable when discussing Italian cuisine: pizza is a national emblem, a dish that represents Italy abroad, and has been designated by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. It is safe to say that every chef and pizza maker has their unique techniques, and each pizza, which is produced from flour, water, brewer’s yeast, and salt, can be topped or filled in various ways. The “pizza margherita” is the most well-known and basic pizza, with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil evoking the colors of the Italian flag. You can easily get a hold of any type of Pizza when you choose online food delivery in Mumbai. 


Pasta is another symbol, a beloved global icon and national dish. Originating in Sicily, it quickly expanded its production to other coastal areas with ports and favorable weather for the product’s drying. Naples and Imperia are two of the most well-known cities. The recipe hasn’t changed much over the years, but it now calls for cheddar, bacon, and egg yolk. In the nation’s capital, people also consume “bucatini al cacio e pepe,” a dish composed solely of pecorino cheese, butter, and pepper. The key is to combine them at the proper moments. The “penne all’arrabbiata”—pasta with a fiery tomato sauce—is another well-known pasta dish that you can also get your hands on with the help of services of online food delivery services in Mumbai. 


This recipe for lasagna is unquestionably the best Italian dish. This bacon and lamb lasagna boasts of a fantastic bolognese sauce, which is a secret to the best lasagna dish. This lasagna dish is nothing less than ideal, loaded with parmesan cheese and stacked with a variety of vegetables, bacon, and ground lamb. 


Ribollita, a rustic soup with Middle Age origins that originated in Tuscany, is a representation of the food of the underprivileged. According to the legend, because there were so many peasant families in those days and they couldn’t afford to buy meat, they made a lot of soup from the things they could find in the field. To boost the volume, bread was also added. The soup was reheated multiple times over the course of several weeks. It is now a tasty, quick-to-make dish made with dry bread and ingredients like vegetables, beans, herbs, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. 

Ravioli e tortelli  

In Italy, stuffed pasta belongs to a very large family. Nearly all regions, from north to south, have their own preparation. And many of them are well-known, such the Emilia “tortellini” made of pork with prosciutto and mortadella that are meant to be consumed in meat broth and the dry “tortelli,” which have a larger rectangular shape and are stuffed with different herbs, pumpkin, or potatoes and served with either butter or cheese. 


Focaccia is a bread that originated in Liguria but has since captivated Italy and the rest of the world with its countless varieties. Its modest combination of wheat, water, yeast, and salt, with the addition of olive oil as a finishing touch, is what has determined its success. The quality of the wheat and oil, the manual dexterity of those who prepare and work with the dough, and a very hot oven are all tricks that must be followed when making this age-old recipe. It is one of the tastiest breads that you can ever have and now it will be at your doorstep if you choose services of online food delivery through Swiggy.  


Lastly, but certainly not least, we bring this gastronomic tour of Italian tables to a close with one of the nation’s most well-known and coveted desserts, tiramisù, which is now well-known around the world. This cold spoon dish hails from the Veneto region and gets its name from the reputed aphrodisiac properties it is said to have. It starts with a base of Savoiardi biscuits, which are then covered in mascarpone cream, eggs, sugar, and cocoa before being dipped in coffee and Marsala, a type of liqueur wine. 

Now let’s find out the restaurants in Mumbai that serve the best Italian food :- 

CinCin Mumbai 

Italian for “cheers,” CinCin is a suitable moniker for this hidden gem located in one of Mumbai’s busiest commercial districts. It serves Italian food throughout the day, and you can also choose this restaurant if you want to get online food delivery in Mumbai. 


Prego has pretty slickly carved out a respectable position for itself among the city of Mumbai’s already-existing Italian restaurants. You can trust Prego to provide the best if you desire an amazing eating experience. 


The Grand Hyatt’s Celini is one of Mumbai’s top Italian restaurants, providing a top-notch, opulent fine dining experience, as well as they cater to services of food delivery. It is very amazing and true to its roots how authentic the Italian food served here is. 

Quattro Ristorante 

For a time now, Quattro Ristorante has been providing food to Mumbai residents, leaving its own mark on the city’s restaurant scene. It is noted for its delicious, healthful, and tastiest Italian food despite being mostly a vegetarian establishment.  

Italian cuisine has become so popular due to the wide variety of dishes they have and you can also taste their delicacies even in India without compromising its authenticity if you order from any of the above-mentioned restaurants. However, in case you do not want to visit the places physically, you can use the services of Swiggy to order delicious Italian cuisine.  

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