All About Penile Prosthesis: Types, How Does It Work?

On this page, you will be answered questions about penile prosthesis types. Erectile dysfunction means that men do not have enough erection for sexual intercourse or that the erection cannot be sustained long enough. Patients who have erectile dysfunction and cannot respond to other treatment methods may wonder many questions.

All About Penile Prosthesis: Types, How Does It Work?

A penile prosthesis is placed inside the penis to ensure the erection of men with erectile dysfunction. This method; is used if recovery cannot be achieved despite non-surgical methods used in treating erectile dysfunction, such as drug therapy, injection therapy, and vacuum devices. It provides a permanent solution to the erection problem as a result of placing a prosthesis in the channels of the penis, known as the corpus cavernosum, which usually fills with blood and provides an erection.

There are different types of penile prostheses, three-piece inflatable and one-piece malleable. Many patients prefer a three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis because it creates a more natural erection. Three-piece penile prostheses provide a more natural appearance by filling the corpus cavernosum channels, while one-piece prostheses provide hardening by manually correcting, thanks to the bending angle. Surgery for placing one-piece malleable penile prostheses provides convenience for the surgeon and significantly reduces the risk of infection in patients during or after the operation. Although it is easy and practical to use, many men prefer three-piece dentures over one-piece dentures because of the constant feeling of hardness.

One Piece Malleable Penile Prosthesis Types

One-piece malleable penile prostheses are “Malleable” and are quickly ready for use by being placed upright during sexual intercourse. When not in use, thanks to the wide bending angle, it is possible to store them inside the underwear and thus cannot be noticed from the outside. These malleable penile prostheses, which offer long-term use with their durable structure, are beneficial in treating erectile dysfunction that cannot respond to other treatments.

One-piece malleable penile prosthesis types, which have been used for a long time, have gained new features with the development of technology. The prostheses with the current hydrophilic coating are more easily placed during the operation. Thanks to the hydrophilic coating, the adhesion of bacteria to the prosthesis and their reproduction are prevented; thus, it shows a protective feature against infection. The hydrophilic coating also contributes to the success of the treatment in case of infection, thanks to its antibiotic absorption feature. One-piece malleable penile prostheses are in different sizes and diameters according to the patient’s anatomy, and the appropriate size is calculated by the physician and placed by operation. It is durable with its rigid body structure for substantial hardening and provides long-term use.

Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Types

Three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis; It consists of two cylinders placed in the penis, an inflatable pump placed in the testicles, and a reservoir placed in the abdomen. These placed parts are connected through the tube system. It is a type of prosthesis with high patient satisfaction among penile prostheses known as penile implants in the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction that does not respond to other treatments. As a result of the pump’s compression in the testis, the liquid in the reservoir passes through the tubes to the cylinders in the penis, causing an erection. Thanks to the pump mechanism, it can be easily inflated and deflated. As with one-piece prostheses, there are varieties with a hydrophilic coating, thus reducing the risk of infection. There are three-piece penile prosthesis types with transverse and longitudinal expansion or only transverse expansion to address patients’ concerns about penile shortening after surgery. There are also narrow-diameter and transversely expanding varieties designed to meet the needs of individuals with narrow corpus anatomy.

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