All You Need to Know About Driver CPC

Driver CPC is basically a requirement for drivers who drive large vehicles professionally. It stands for Certificate of Professional Competence and was introduced in Europe in 2008. However, it was made available in 2009 for lorry drivers.

Heavy goods vehicles can cause lethal accidents if not handled properly. Therefore, there was a high need to have professional hands drive such vehicles. This certificate ensured that, and it significantly increased road safety for everyone’s convenience. People can now even opt for online Driver CPC training in order to gain their license.

Who Needs A Driver CPC?

If you are someone who wants to drive busses, coaches, or HGV’s professionally, then you definitely need a driver CPC. Moreover, it is essential if your vehicle is over 3.5 tonnes or has 9 or more passenger seats. However, there are some drivers who are exempted from having a driver CPC if their vehicle is:

  • Being used as a non-commercial carriage
  • Being used for driving lessons
  • Have a maximum authorized speed that doesn’t exceed 45 km/h
  • Being used by the law
  • Used in case of an emergency

How to Take CPC Drivers Qualification?

There are two ways to get your qualification. These include:

Initial CPC Driver Training

Firstly, you need to get your medical done in order to ensure you are healthy. Moreover, you will have to get your license by applying to the DVSA. This can be done using a D2 form. Next up, you will be asked to take your Theory and Hazard Perception test. Lastly, once you’ve been through all the tests and passed them, you’ll have to take a practical driving test. Moreover, you will have to take the initial CPC driver qualification modules as well known as modules 2 and 4.

There are a total of four modules, and you need to pass them in order to get your driver’s CPC. The modules have been mentioned down below.

  • Module 1- Driver Theory Test

Once you’ve obtained your provisional license, you will be able to take part in this theory test. This test consists of 2 parts. These include multiple-choice and hazard perception.

  • Module 2 – Case Study Test

The second test is the case study test. This consists of questions that are mainly about your working life.

  • Module 3- Practical Driving Test

This consists of vehicle safety questions, practical road driving as well as off-road exercises.

  • Module 4- Show And Tell Test

In this test, you will be asked different questions. This includes the checks required to make before you start driving, emergency situations, risks, criminal acts, and more.

Why You Should Opt For A CPC Driving Course?

● It Makes You a Secure Driver

You should definitely consider getting a CPC course as it helps you become a safer and much better driver. This will reduce the risk of any sort of road-related casualties.

● Alerts You Regarding How to Become a Healthier Driver

It is a must for drivers to stay alert at all times when driving. When you get a training course, you get to learn about different aspects of driving an HGV. This makes you a healthier driver as you get to learn about different traffic laws and much more. Driving an HGV can make you stressed since it is not an easy thing to do. The training course you get will make you more comfortable and will reduce your stress when driving an HGV.

● Saves Budget

The thing about opting for a CPC driving course is that it comes with many financial benefits. Professionals tell you all about the most proficient methods of transportation. Moreover, since you will learn all about how to drive an HGV, you won’t indulge in any accidents. This will end up saving different costs.

Make sure to learn these things when taking the course as they will result in being quite convenient for you.

Should You Get A Driver CPC License?

In conclusion, the Driver CPC was implemented to make the roads safer and ensure proper transport of heavy goods. Therefore, if you drive or would like to drive any such vehicle, then you are required to get the proper training and a license. Otherwise, you will be breaking laws.

Lucky for you, you can now easily get trained via different online classes. Make sure to understand each and everything when going through the process. Become an HGV driver and earn a living!

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