All You Need to Know about LOL Art Leak

All You Need to Know About Briar’s Splash Art Leak

Briar is the brand new conqueror of League of Legends to join Summoner’s Rift. Someone has already leaked some of her kit and splash art before she is officially released.

The LoL community was immediately drawn to one thing when they saw it: her feet. Even though the popularity of feet is nothing new, it has recently become very popular among League of Legends players.

Due to some shiny, brilliant feet, Briar immediately became the most sexualized character. However, someone felt enough was enough and developed an alternate splash that has angered many. To know more, visit the website of GGBET.

Briar: Goodbye Feet, New LoL Champion

Someone added shoes to her feet in an updated splash image that quickly spread online. Some fans first believed Riot had intervened and modified the artwork themselves, but that was swiftly disproven, and it appears that an anonymous online vigilante carried out the will of God and provided the vampire with some shoes.

It’s crucial to note that this information is still based on leaks. Thus, predicting how the splash art will turn out is impossible. Any information in this case needs to be taken with a grain of salt because someone might just be randomly trawling the internet.

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When the PBE launches on August 29, 2023, we should learn more specific details about Briar because she is anticipated to be introduced in the upcoming League of Legends Patch 13.18. 

Thanks to Briar Splash Art Leaks, League of Legends players finally received their first look at the forthcoming champion.

About How the Leak Went Viral

A screenshot of the champion’s artwork was shared on Twitter by user Azkaryan, along with details on her prospective in-game role and other relevant information. The leaked Briar Splash Art depicts the little lady with white hair and pink gradient tips. She is dressed in a black outfit and seems to be holding her hands inside some odd metallic device. Fans are particularly drawn to her all-white eyes and jagged teeth.

Briar has a menacing appearance that League of Legends urgently needs. Briar resembles the ideal teenage vampire from a young adult book with her white, dilated pupils, silver hair streaked with pink ends, pointed teeth, and much pointier nails. However, she appears considerably more deranged and bloodthirsty than the leaker described.

The definition fits Riot’s conception of the ferociously hungry vampire Briar.

A Brand New Avatar

“The team enjoyed experiencing an uncontrollable hunger and how it feels when a creature is finally allowed to feast on those who deserve it, to quench its thirst for blood,” wrote Riot in a blog post.

A young vampire with a pale complexion, black clothing that covers her body, forearms, and legs, and unsettlingly white hair with crimson points is depicted in the splash image for the video. It is allegedly Briar.

Briar’s face is shaped like Vex’s, but she appears blind because of her bulging, white eyes that don’t have pupils. Briar’s other senses are likely improved to help her paralyze her adversaries, much like Lee Sin, the Blind Monk.


Riot asserts that Briar has developed self-control over her appetite and can distinguish between allies and enemies. Based on the rumors about her skills, she still sounds like a formidable champion.

Rumor has it that Briar is a jungler who prefers skirmishes and has the stun, fear, life steal, and frenzy modes. Players won’t have to wait long to find out how much of these leaks are accurate. Briar could be revealed around September, but it’s unknown when it will be available.

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