Alpha Capital Review 2023: IS This Forex Prop Firm Worth It? 

Have you ever considered joining a prop trading firm that offers a helping hand in your trading journey? I’d like to introduce you to Alpha Capital, a firm that promises to support you with the resources and funding needed to trade successfully in the forex markets.

So, in the Alpha Capital review, we’ll go through how this firm works, its account size and prices, pros and shortcoming, and whether it’s worth your time.

Let’s get to it!

What is Alpha Capital?

Alpha Capital is not just any proprietary trading firm. It provides an opportunity for traders like you, offering an incredible funding amount of up to £2,000,000. But it’s not handed out to just anyone. You must show your mettle, demonstrate your market reactivity, handle risk management with aplomb, and prove your ability to turn a profit.

Imagine having a single platform that provides you with everything you need to succeed in trading right at your fingertips. That’s what Alpha Capital offers. They’ve got educational videos that sharpen your knowledge, market insights that keep you abreast of trends, trading strategies that can be the difference between winning and losing, and custom-built trading technology that gives you the edge. This comprehensive platform is designed to help traders of all levels.

Alpha Capital extends its hand, offering 1-on-1 mentoring sessions to guide you toward becoming a proprietary trader. The firm is home to a team of elite financial professionals who share a common goal: empowering traders like you with the tools and resources necessary to achieve unparalleled success in the forex markets.

How Does Alpha Capital Work?

When pursuing a career in trading, you want to partner with a firm that understands your potential and supports your growth. You deserve a process that accurately evaluates your skills and a platform that empowers you to flourish. This is what you’ll find at Alpha Capital, a company recognized as one of the best prop trading firms and forex prop trading firms. Let’s explore how they support traders like you.

Phase 1: Initial Assessment

In the first stage of the Alpha Pro evaluation, you’re given a blank canvas. You have unlimited calendar days to express your trading talents. There are three key objectives that you need to achieve in this stage:

Profit Target: Your goal is to achieve an impressive 8% profit on your investments.

Max Daily Loss: You should ensure that your losses do not exceed 5% of your balance on any trading day.

Max Total Loss: To keep you on your toes, a maximum % loss limit of 10% is established, ensuring you’re vigilant about risk management.

Phase 2: Advanced Assessment

Once you’ve successfully navigated the initial assessment, it’s time to step into the advanced evaluation phase. Here, the objectives are more relaxed, a nod to Alpha Capital’s confidence in your more seasoned trading abilities:

  • Duration: Just like Phase 1, you have all the time you need to meet the targets. No rush.
  • Profit Target: The profit expectation is now dialed back to 5%, giving you room for a more focused and strategic approach to trading.
  • Max Daily Loss: The daily loss limit holds steady at 5% of your balance.
  • Max Total Loss: A 10% total loss limit remains in place, mirroring the first phase.

It’s essential to note that you must actively trade for at least three days within each evaluation phase. This requirement ensures that your assessment reflects your consistent abilities rather than fleeting success.

Funded Account

You’ll be awarded a funded account after proving your mettle in both evaluation phases. The principles governing the funded account are quite similar to the evaluation phase.

The same risk management guidelines apply in the evaluation phase and the live-funded account. The maximum daily loss is 5%, and the maximum drawdown is 10%. This adherence to risk management reflects Alpha Capital Group’s commitment to promoting responsible trading practices.

But here’s where it gets exciting. In the funded account, the profit target rule is dropped. This change allows you to enjoy greater flexibility, giving you the freedom to focus on nurturing your overall portfolio growth rather than chasing a specific numerical target.

An added rule for the funded accounts is the introduction of a maximum lot exposure. This rule acts as a vital layer of risk management, ensuring that you operate within boundaries aligned with Alpha Capital’s philosophy of prudent trading.

Now that you know Alpha Capital’s comprehensive and supportive approach to trader development, consider joining its ranks and showcasing your trading potential to the world.

Alpha Capital Account Sizes and Prices

Alpha Capital Group offers five account sizes to accommodate traders at every stage:

  • $10,000 Account: Priced at $97, ideal for beginners
  • $25,000 Account: For $197, tailored for growing traders
  • $50,000 Account: At $297, perfect for progressing traders
  • $100,000 Account: For $497, suitable for intermediate traders
  • $200,000 Account: At $997, intended for experienced traders


  • No commission on trades
  • Advanced analytics dashboard
  • Flexible account options
  • Strong support system
  • Free trial available
  • Same-day bi-weekly payouts
  • Comprehensive trading education
  • News trading allowed
  • Weekend position holding


  • Two-phase evaluation required
  • Maximum lot exposure rule on funded accounts
  • Limited asset choices

Alpha Capital Review – Final Thoughts

Alpha Capital’s entry into the prop trading industry represents a refreshing dedication to trader success. They’ve crafted an outstanding platform designed to foster trader success, demonstrated through a $0 commission model, advanced analytics dashboard, and clear two-phase challenge, all aimed at transitioning profitable traders into funded traders.

With flexible account options, a unique scaling plan, and prompt bi-weekly payouts, they serve traders at all levels, offering a platform that’s both accessible and aspirational. Their proprietary execution broker, ACG Markets, further underscores their commitment to excellence and efficiency.

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