Alternatives To Flying Your Pet When Moving To Another Location

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Are you moving to a new house far away and want to find a safe way to move your pet? Most people choose to fly their pets to another location, but that might not always be the ideal choice. Some owners remain stressed about the numerous things that could go wrong when they are in the air.

If you are the same and looking for an alternative to flying your pet, we are here to help you. In this article, we have listed a few alternatives and provided you with some tips on moving your pet safely.

Alternative Modes of Transport

If you are unwilling to move your pet by flight, there remain two alternatives you can choose from. You can either travel by rail or choose to travel by road. Each of these modes of transportation has its pros and cons, so you need to decide which ones would be better for your pet.

Travel by Rail

Not many people choose this option since traveling by rail can be hectic. This is mainly when you are traveling a long distance. It can also be an issue if your destination does not have a direct rail connection.

That being said, if you feel moving by rail is the most suitable option for you, you need to do your research properly. You need to ensure that your pet is in a safe and calm environment. It is also essential to see that your pet does not create problems for other passengers.

Check for the rules related to traveling with a pet. Make sure you have all the necessary permits so that you do not face any issues mid-journey.

Travel by Road

The best alternative that you can opt for is to travel by road. Whether you have your own car or are renting one, taking your pet by road can be a very safe option. You will have the car to yourself, and your pet can relax. They will not have to endure the pressure of being in an unfamiliar environment.

You can take your own time for the journey and make as many stops as necessary. If possible, you can keep your pet in a pet carrier. However, if you feel your pet would be more relaxed and happy being in the open seat, you should keep a check on them at all times.

Make sure someone is with them in the back seat so that your pet does not face any problems. In case you have too many pet belongings, you can always transport them using the moving service you have chosen to move your belongings.

How To Move Your Pet Efficiently?

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when moving your pets. If this is your first time shifting to a new location with your pet, the below tips can be very helpful.

Pack Belongings in a Suitcase

Keep all your pet’s belongings in a suitcase just like you do for your luggage. This suitcase should have all their necessary items, such as their toys, bowl, bottle, bed, and other belongings. You will need to carry the essential items like food, water, and medication along with you.

Pack the items carefully so that it does not get damaged during the move. If you are moving by road, you can send these items along with your luggage. NYC moving Companies like Roadway Moving are capable of moving your pet’s belongings safely to the destination.

Take Them to a Vet

Before you move places, make sure you take your pet to their vet. Get them checked and get their updated reports from their previous vet. This would be necessary since you will need to provide all information about your pet’s health to your new vet.

You should also update the credentials of your pet once you are settled in your new house.

Keep Them Calm on the Moving Day

Moving from your old home to a new place will not just be hard for you but your pet as well. They will most likely be confused and anxious with so many things going on, especially on the moving day.

No matter which alternative you choose to move your pet, it is necessary to keep them calm. If they remain anxious, it could be difficult to handle them during the journey.

The best option could be to take your pet to a friend’s or relative’s house a day before the move. This would keep them away from all the chaos and in a familiar environment.

Summing Up

Moving a pet from one place to another is a huge deal and must not be taken lightly. Whether you are moving a short distance or a long one, the journey can be difficult for your pet. It is your responsibility to ensure they are calm and happy the whole time.

You need to choose a transport mode that would be best suitable for your pet. Make sure they are not anxious during the journey and instead can enjoy it.

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