Amazon Selling 101: Unauthorized Seller Removal

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can protect your product through Unauthorized Seller Removal. It may seem straightforward but there is a process that you have to follow in order to do so. But first let us discuss Amazon and why so many sellers have been taken under its wing.

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Unauthorized Seller Removal 101

No online store is more recognizable than the Amazon behemoth. Starting from a small office back a quarter of a century ago, it has grown big enough to gain half of all online transactions. And the aspect Amazon is most known for is just how low you can buy almost any product from them. Add to that the fact that they do sell almost any kind of product, Amazon is truly built to dominate and last.

That is just the tip of it. Amazon, through its owner, has extended its reach by taking in several other big businesses under its wing. One of them is the famous Whole Foods Market which made its mark for selling organic, healthy and from a select source of producers. They also boast top of the line retail technology that all seems too futuristic even in the internet age.

A feature that particularly gained notice was the frictionless store which not only revolutionized retail, but actually advanced the field of computer vision as well. Other than that, they also acquired the news agency Washington post and have dived in the world of entertainment by opening the Amazon studios. And true to its origins, Amazon recently opened Amazon Publishing.

To grasp just how big Amazon has become, you only need to look at their delivery system. They are now shipping truckloads of deliveries from almost all of the major cities of the world. The system encompasses travels in trucks, ships, air planes, and most recently, flying drones.

It may be a safe bet to put a lot of your eggs on the Amazon basket. If anything, the only trend is up for the online giant. And every trader worth his or her salt should at least consider taking advantage of the Amazon platform.

What Is At Stake For Doing Unauthorized Seller Removal?

Seeing all the benefits one gets from being a part of Amazon, it should be a no-brainer for you to protect your own brand. Hence unauthorized seller removal must be one of your main priorities as an online entrepreneur. This may come as a surprise to you, but Walmart slid down to number two as the biggest retailer in the United States.

The simple truth of the matter is that putting your product on Amazon is definitely a positive for your business. However, this also means that you become a target for a whole different set of problems. There are a lot of unauthorized sellers out there who want to illegally get their own slice of the pie. And the longer It goes can cost you more than just money. Losing the fight means having your brand tarnished and your own personal reputation as seen by both customers and your suppliers. This is the reason why you should take Unauthorized Seller Removal seriously.

Unauthorized Seller And The Unauthorized Seller Removal

Third party selling has been in practice ever since the invention of commerce. This allows the producers to grow their business faster and this also distributes the profit among multiple traders thus enabling the economy. This practice has grown several folds over the last few decades and in no small part because of the improvement of communication, particularly the digital channels.

The internet was a wave that plunged the whole world of trading into a different realm. Competition spiked and innovations propped up from the most unexpected places and circumstances. This, and the ingenuity of the entrepreneurial mindset allowed third party trading to propel forward even further.

It is no secret how much Amazon has earned due to third party sellers. The CEO of Amazon was not shy in revealing the staggering numbers unto their investors. Before Amazon, online third party selling has already been a thing with eBay leading the way. But it was Amazon who perhaps took the idea and really ran with it. Today, amazon is racking up upwards of a hundred billion in terms of third-party sales.

Millions of traders register to the amazon as an online third-party retailer to this day. And every single day, a few thousand strong join their ranks. And if there are any doubts as to how much Amazon values their third-party sellers, the CEO himself revealed that Amazon earns so much more from them than the products they sell themselves.

However, there are challenges that come along with allowing third party sellers in the supply chain. The first question you have to ask is if all these sellers are legitimate and do not have underhanded intentions. What if the sellers themselves are not acquainted with the company they appear to be representing at all.

These sellers could have found ways to get a hold of the supplier’s products illegally. They could then crush the competition by selling at lower rates than what is agreed upon by the legitimate sellers. This unfair advantage in profit could undercut the fragile balance of supplier and seller. The scenario pointed out can definitely get worse. Imagine if those illegitimate sellers were selling counterfeit goods. This can present a whole lot of different problems for your business.

Unauthorized Seller Removal Can Be Used Against Counterfeit

Counterfeiting is perhaps one of the oldest known crimes. Basically, one takes advantage of a product’s prestige by putting in their brand on illegitimate products. Basically, the offending party is trying to cash in on a legitimate product’s favor. This is a big problem and has become more pronounced when online commerce has taken its course. Because of the ubiquitous nature of the internet, potential counterfeiters can spring up from every corner of the globe. And once they have hatched their plan, it is not always possible to get a hold of them.

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