American Bank Checks Review – Are They The Best Check Provider? 

American Bank Checks is a reputable provider of personal and business banking products, known for its high security and wide range of check designs. They offer customizable options, making their checks safe for mailing and resistant to fraud. With a focus on variety and convenience, American Bank Checks caters to both individual and business needs. 

Although they’re not active on social media, they’ve established themselves in the market by combining security features with diverse design options to suit different styles and brand needs. Continue reading my American Bank Checks review to determine for yourself if it is right for you. 

What is American Bank Checks?

American Bank Checks, part of Harland Clarke, offers a diverse array of stock and custom checks for personal and business use. Known for their broad selection of designs, they cater to different styles, from simple to artistic. They specialize in high-security checks, a key feature in today’s financial world, to safeguard against fraud. 

The company makes reordering checks simple and provides customization options to suit individual preferences. As a data controller, they manage customer data under a stringent privacy policy. This combination of security, variety, and customer focus makes American Bank Checks a reliable choice in the check provider market.

How Does American Bank Checks Work?

American Bank Checks offers an online platform where customers can select, customize, and order checks and accessories. The site is user-friendly, catering to both personal and business needs. Personal checks come in various designs, while business checks are compatible with accounting software and can include logos. 

They also provide deposit supplies, IRS-approved tax forms, and office accessories like checkbook covers and address labels. This service is especially convenient for business clients looking to streamline financial transactions with professional, customized, branded checks. 

American Bank Checks Pros & Cons

Pros of American Bank Checks include:

  • Superior printing quality
  • Simple reorder process
  • Customization in design elements
  • Use of high-grade paper
  • Quick processing and secure delivery
  • Broad selection for both personal and business checks
  • Security features to deter fraud
  • Compatibility with common accounting software


  • Outdated website design
  • Absence of free shipping
  • Decreasing relevance of physical checks in digital finance
  • Potential higher cost compared to digital services
  • Focus limited to check-related products only

Is American Bank Checks Worth It?

For those who still value physical checks, American Bank Checks is a great choice. They offer a wide selection of both personal and business checks, all with unique and elegant designs. What’s more, the ordering process is straightforward and the prices are reasonable. 

They’ve made it super easy to reorder as well. With their focus on customization, security, and an easy-to-use online platform, American Bank Checks is worth it for anyone that still deals in paper checks and wants to make an impression. 

American Bank Checks Alternatives

American Bank Checks is arguably the best choice to meet your custom check printing needs, but if you are after a more modern banking solution, there are other choices you might consider. Here are some of the ways fin tech apps can help your financial needs:

  • Bill negotiation and Subscription management: Bill negotiation services like Hiatus and  BillTrim provide a solution for those who don’t have the time or desire to negotiate bills themselves. These services pair you with experts who handle the negotiation process on your behalf, potentially reducing your fees and subscription costs. This approach is increasingly popular for those looking to lower their monthly bills without the hassle of lengthy phone calls and uncertain outcomes.
  • Tax Savings Apps: Tax-saving apps like Playbook provide significant benefits by utilizing modern technology to identify areas where users can save on taxes. This translates into more funds for investment and securing one’s future. In the tax savings app space, Playbook stands out as a financial planning app that thoroughly analyzes a user’s financial accounts to uncover untapped tax-saving opportunities. 
  • Budgeting Apps: Maintaining a budget is crucial for financial health, and budgeting apps have become a popular tool to manage finances. These apps enable users to track spending, monitor recurring expenses, and manage money effectively. Tiller Money, a notable budgeting tool, integrates with Google Sheets and Excel, offering an automated, customizable way to oversee finances. Its features include a user-friendly interface, automatic transaction updates, and daily email summaries, providing a clear overview of your financial situation.


American Bank Checks, a Harland Clarke company, is a well-regarded provider of both personal and business checks. They are known for their high-security features, wide range of customizable designs, and user-friendly online ordering system. Their commitment to fraud prevention, quality printing, and compatibility with accounting software makes them a solid choice for those needing reliable check services. 

To decide if American Bank Checks is the right fit for your needs, you can Click Here to learn more or get started.