An Informative Guide to Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The benefits of the six sigma management methodology have been documented time and again. Studies and researches have shown its efficacy in eliminating errors, reducing defects, decreasing waste, and ensuring optimum customer satisfaction. There are five levels in the program which are graded hierarchically, also known as belts.

An individual earning a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, which is the highest, shows complete expertise, skill, and knowledge about its methods, processes, and practices. Since it is the highest level, it is interesting to know its advantages, eligibility criteria, and how it can benefit individuals in their careers and companies in their growth. 

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Why is it called so?

A six sigma certification program consists of five levels. Upon completing each grade, a belt is awarded as evidence of having sufficient knowledge and responsibility about it. It also shows what position an individual occupies on the problem-solving ladder. Below this belt, there are white, yellow, green, and black belts. Each belt indicates a particular level of expertise, skill, and knowledge about the method. Those with this belt occupy the top rank of the ladder and are aware of every technique, tool, and practice. 

What is expected of someone who holds this belt?

Since master black belt holders are specialists in this method and therefore called champions, the organization or business has high expectations. The person’s teaching and mentoring ability are measured by the number of people taught and the impact on customer satisfaction on projects.

They are mentors to other belt holders below them and assist them in various projects. They may also act as an internal consultant and six sigma technologist. MBB’s transform goals into strategies and work to see their implementation. They may also be asked to provide regular and updated information on teams, plans, projects, and metrics at work. 

Topics covered in the certificate program

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification in Riyadh program covers a wide variety of topics, including advanced statistical analysis. A few of them usually incorporated in the program are Minitab basic graphs, variation components, central limit theorem, variance estimates and control charts, multiple response optimization, verification of root causes, affinity diagram, project definition presentations, and advance control charts.

Other topics that are included are full factorial review, optimization designs, data segmentation and stratification, correlation and regression, detailed process mapping of critical areas, and nonparametric topics. Personality development training, including leadership and interpersonal skills, is also present because they are also involved in mentoring, teaching, and guiding other belt holders. 

What are the responsibilities of an MBB?

Companies, businesses, or organizations expect a lot from an MBB. That is natural since they are experts and thoroughly know the ins and outs. Someone who holds this belt will teach white, yellow, green, and black holders the methodology.

They are expected to handle different responsibilities, including implementing specialized programs and managing various project teams. Another part of their duty is overseeing the company’s projects by following schedules, estimating project savings, handling conflicts within teams, customers, and stakeholders, and encouraging change management. 

Are there requirements for this certification?

Since it is the highest level or belt an individual can achieve, they must meet specific requirements to earn a certification. An individual aspiring for this belt should have a black belt certification, complete at least ten six sigma projects, and have a minimum of five years of full-time work experience.

They should also have given at least forty hours or a week of leadership training. Some places may choose to interview to assess the individual’s existing knowledge and suitability for this level. If the eligibility criteria are met, the individual is considered for the master certification. 

What are the career prospects for master belt holders?

MBBs in six sigma certifications are always in high demand since companies utilize their expertise for various things. They encourage its culture right from the grassroots, which is beneficial for the business or company.

Further, they act as a figurehead or authority at work regarding the method. Multinational firms and companies are always searching for individuals holding these belts because they increase productivity and ensure results. 

What is the duration of the certification?

The duration of the certification is not fixed or determined. It can vary, depending on the course, style of teaching, and other factors. Usually, the certification program training will take at least a month to be completed. 

In the long run, you should consider being a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and possess unparalleled expertise in its methodology. Getting a master’s certification will help your career in several ways while contributing to your organization tremendously. 

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