An Insight into Sustainable Ethical Jewelry

Before diving right into how ethical jewelry is sustainable, we need to understand what ethical jewelry is. Ethical jewelry refers to jewelry that is ethically collected by jewelry suppliers, whereby they use transparent and responsible materials. These sources should also be environmentally friendly and give adequate pay to the workers without exploitation.

The recent consumer consciousness regarding fast fashion and its extreme side effects has also put immense pressure on fast fashion companies, and as a part of fast fashion unethical practices within the jewelry have also been put under scrutiny. 

You may think that those diamond earrings that you are wearing right now are not part of this ethical debate. However, you may be wrong. Most jewelry is unethical as well as not sustainable. Materials be it gold, silver, diamond, or any other precious metal or gem are collected through mines, which not only poses a danger to the environment but also to the health of the workers, especially in third world countries. 

Hence, the next time you are purchasing any jewelry, question yourself whether it was ethically made and also if it is sustainable. Following are some more points that will convince you to buy ethical and sustainable jewelry the next time. 

Quality over Quantity

You may have often noticed that ethical and sustainably sourced jewelry is far more pricier than fast fashion. But that is for a reason since the main priority of sustainable brands is the environment. They will provide you with the best quality materials that won’t easily tarnish.

Better Work Environment for the Workers

When you opt for ethical and sustainable jewelry, you are not only ensured with quality, but also you are contributing to a better work environment and fair pay for the workers.

Nobel Contributions

Many sustainable brands use a part of their profit for the community, having a positive impact on society. Such as plantation of trees, education for the underprivileged, and many more. Therefore you can be rest assured that the money that you are paying is being used for a greater cause. 

Beware of Greenwashing

Greenwashing is a new trend among many companies in different sectors where they pose as sustainable brands, but in reality, they are not. The same has been going on in the fashion industry, double-check a brand every time you are purchasing from them. 

Look Out for Certifications

A great way to know whether a brand is ethical and sustainable or not is to go through their websites and check for certifications. As a responsible consumer, you must always be conscious of what you are purchasing and how it has been sourced.

Cheap But Great

Although it is generally thought that ethical jewelry and other products are much costlier than their fast fashion counterparts, in some cases like lab-produced diamonds and repurposed metals are way cheaper than unethically sourced jewelry. This goes for gemstones as well. 

Supporting Small Business

The jewelry sector is held as a monopoly by some brands. However, by opting for ethical jewelry, you can also support small businesses that make jewelry


There you go an informed guide about how the ethical jewelry industry works and how it is sustainable for the long run not only for the environment but for you as well. The points provided above are sure to convince you to purchase ethical jewelry, and no you do not have to worry about your diamonds being less shiny. 

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