An Insight Look At The Drupal Versions

Drupal is a free open-source software that can be utilized even by people without technical skills to create and oversee websites. The application incorporates a content management stage and a development system.

Considered a top platform for web content management among global enterprises, governments and higher education institutions, Drupal is adaptable and profoundly versatile. It offers content in different languages over many devices. 

Generally, content on the Drupal interface is managed through elements like blocks, menus, and content types that help with visual layout. Drupal’s taxonomy provides a system of reference for contents. Custom menus help developers to arrange items and implement plans for a website.

Drupal Usage and Stats

Drupal has seen great progress over the years in terms of usage and an increasing number of users. Here’s a graphical representation of Drupal’s increasing popularity since 2014.

5 Reasons To Select Drupal As Your CMS

It’s highly scalable

Drupal powers more than a million websites around the world. Its adaptability implies it can oversee the world’s biggest, most high-traffic websites. Even if you start small, you’ll be able to scale easily as you grow.

It’s mobile-first

With Drupal, you can build responsive sites and apps that deliver optimal visitor experiences, no matter what device they’re on. Drupal utilizes best practices for responsiveness and ensures your clients get excellent content experience each time.

It’s quite secure

Drupal is a secure CMS that stands up to the latest web vulnerabilities.  A security advisory moreover shows the chance of a potential issue, and also that the problem is resolved already. It’s extremely uncommon that such security holes are exploited within the wild prior to the security settle being declared within the security advisory.

Its content architecture is flexible

You can create the proper content architecture with the Admin Interface, or do it programmatically. The powerful display mode tools and views let you show only the content suitable for each context. 

You can also incorporate a variety of media types such as pictures, video, pdfs and more. Customizable menus make for a comfortable client experience over multiple devices.

It’s got great tools for business

Many CMS platforms will impose their will on your business, limiting you to comply with their way of doing things. Drupal is the opposite. You can use Drupal to create a solution that supports your particular business needs. Tools such as, Docker4Drupal, auto-update notification, database abstraction etc.

Comparing Drupal 8 to Drupal 9

The major difference between Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 is the removal of most jQuery UI library dependencies. In Drupal 9, development relies on the PHPUnit for completing tests.

Another imperative change with the Drupal 9 upgrade is dropping the Simple Annotation Parser from Doctrine. The specified important elements were all added within the Drupal 9 core. The Apache version 2.x was adequate for Drupal 8; Drupal 9 now requests at least 2.4.7.

Considering the differences between D8 vs. D9, we can certainly state that the newest CMS release is significantly faster. The page stacking time was upgraded by using PHP version 7.3. 

On the PHP Benchmarks site, for example, all PHP versions – from 5.6 to 8.0 – are listed. At first glance, we are able to observe that there was an execution boost of more than 10% between Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. That’s typically an excellent reason to consider overhauling, as each new version of PHP results in an even more prominent performance boost.

Another factor to consider within the performance comparison is the Twig version. The topic engine in Drupal 9 is around 15% faster than the one used in Drupal 8. The most recent Symfony 4 version permits designers to work with unused modules or progress the existing ones in a quick time.

Run Your PHP Apps with 1-Click with Cloudways

With the Cloudways Platform, you can launch your Drupal website on Linode in a few steps. Benefit from the extensive features of Cloudways in a matter of minutes: 

  • CloudwaysBot lets you get notifications on your favorite channel
  • Optimized servers with Cloudways ThunderStack
  • CloudFlare CDN add-on
  • Real-time server performance monitoring
  • Git Client, SSL, SSH, Cron Job managers
  • Unlimited staging URLs
  • 1-Click server and application cloning
  • Server scaling
  • Unlimited websites on a single server
  • 24×7 support and server management

Cloudways offers the most convenient and best Drupal hosting platform that takes care of the technical stuff. Developers can now easily launch their Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 websites on Linode servers on Cloudways. And all this, in just a few clicks.

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