An Insight in Stomach Diseases – What can cause it? What are the symptoms?

We have all experienced an upset stomach which left us feeling down and weak internally. That miserable feeling caused by stomach ache can make us ill and cause cramps. People sensitive to bacteria and infections are usually the ones that may suffer, while the ones with stronger immunity to such things might be at the lesser risk.

Stress and IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are also defined as one of the main reasons for pain and diarrhea. But diarrhea is a very common disease and its symptom can be treated very easily with the help of a few simple home remedies.

Symptoms of Diarrhea:

Diarrhea is commonly known as stomach flu and gastroenteric in the medical world. It attacks your intestine causing you any of the following symptoms below:

  1. Pain or cramps in the lower abdomen.
  2. Feeling or actual nausea and vomiting.
  3. Occasional to severe headache.
  4. No to mild fever.
  5. Occasional body pain.

Your symptoms may not take much time to show up, instead, they may appear within a day or two. And in the period, the symptoms may range from mild to severe, therefore try taking all sorts of precautions and remedies. You can find easy and simple remedies to fix an upset stomach at home as well in the article here. Or you can also see a doctor if the condition worsens over time.

Call Your Doctor If:

  1. The fever is very high or is increasing.
  2. If you notice traces of blood in your vomit.
  3. If you cannot stop vomiting
  4. You feel dizzy and dehydrated.
  5. Severe abdominal pain can also be a reason.

Also, if you have an infant you must be extremely careful with their liquids levels. It is important to give them enough liquids to stay stable and hydrated. You should see a doctor for your infant if:

  1. If he/she has been continuously vomiting.
  2. If he/she hasn’t pooped or urinated for a few hours.
  3. When there is blood in their stool.
  4. Severe diarrhea is also alarming.

Causes That You May Not Be Aware Of:

The main cause of diarrhea is contaminated food. Drinking food that has already expired or started to rot can cause an infection inside your stomach and make things worse. There are a number of different viruses that may affect the human body in a bad way.

  1. Rotavirus:

The most common cause of gastroenteritis and is found mostly among children. Children can be naughty and touch everything around them. If anything they have touched is infected then there is a high chance they will get infected. It is important to be careful because children not knowing this, put their hands into their mouths, and can take bacteria and viruses directly into their bodies.

This virus also affects adults, but the chances of severe infection are found mostly in infants. A vaccine is created in order to fight against this disease so that the adults unknowingly do not pass it on to others.

  1. Norovirus:

The adults as well the infants both are affected by the norovirus. It is known as the most common illness that is foodborne around the world. It is easily spread through families and people around you. Person-to-person transmission is also possible. In most of the cases, you usually pick the virus from contaminated food or liquids.

There are a few other ways that can cause you diarrhea or stomach issues, such as:

  1. Raw or undercooked food may be one of the reasons behind an upset stomach, so cook your food thoroughly, especially meat.
  2. Eating expired food. Make sure that your food is still good to eat, check the expiration date on the package. Another factor to consider for this is the weather if you live somewhere that is warm, meat or fresh food will likely expire sooner.
  3. Eating or drinking contaminated food or water. When you eat out its important to be careful, in some cases the place you might consider eating at may not follow hygiene rules strictly. The person handling your food might have not followed the hygiene rules, such as washing their hands after using the toilet.

There can be many different reasons for an upset or disturbed stomach one should be very vigilant to what and where they eat and drink.