An Introduction To Dominoqq

Dominoqq is a popular game that is getting enormous fame in the betting world. You can play the game with your friends, family or relatives with two sets of dominoes (black and white) instead of using cards. Typically, the game originates from Indonesia and taken the concept from the game pai gow. Although, the game is as same as poker. But, it allows different types of hands to play and win the game.

The game is so famous among gambling lovers that it has instigated many online casino owners to add Dominoqq to their gaming list.

Crucial Points To Know For Playing DominoQQ 

Dominoqq is one of the simplest games to win if you know the basics of poker, as the game’s rules are almost similar to the poker game.

Here are the significant points you need to know for playing Dominoqq.

  • Number of cards or dominoes

There are 28 cards used in the domino game. Here, the cards refer to as dominoes. The size of the domino or cards is insignificant than poker cards. In a domino game, a player uses four cards to start the game. However, people used three cards in the olden days for playing domino.

  • Card values and pairs

In this game, a player makes two cards. And each card possesses a value of nine. A player who receives the highest combination of cards will win the game. The highest combination a player expects to get is nine. For this, you can count the quantity of red dots on the card.

  • How to count points on the card?

Before counting cards on the dominoes, you need to know how to sum up cards first. At the end of the game, be sure to get a total of four cards for each player.

  • Card count

To determine the winner of the game, you need to count the points from two cards. If a player receives more than nine points after summation of all the circles, the scores must be decreased by ten. If the summation points of the dots exceed nineteen, the valuation will reduce to twenty points.

Special Cards of DominoQQ

There are several distinctive cards used in this game. If you’ve got these cards, there’s a high probability of winning the game.

  • A distinct type of card

The distinctive cards in domino games include six god cards, four log cards, small pure cards and big pure cards.

  • Six god cards

These cards possess six total dots from the bottom to the top of the card. The gamers have four cards. And each of these cards has a value of six, then the player gets six god cards. Six god cards are the highest type of dominoes in the game.

  • Four log cards

The card contains a double or equal number of circles on the bottom and the top of the cards.

How You Can Win The DominoQQ Game?

Many online gamblers want to learn and play a new game to gamble and win games. However, people who are new to dominoqq may find it resilient if they don’t know the format of playing poker. But, this game is easy to learn if you give proper time and effort to its basics. Once you understand the game, you can play it on the Internet as well. Hence, it’s a matter of learning the basics of the game’s rules and the best possible ways to play it in online mode.

  • Read the game’s instructions on the Internet.

With the improvements in technology, learning anything new is a simple task, even for understanding the domino game dominoqq. The reason is that many websites help beginners to learn the basics of the game. These websites tend to feature the content related to dominoqq rules and instruct the users on how to play the game. Plus, you can read several related articles or watch videos to gather information to understand the complicated rules of the game.

  • Collect information through online teaching courses.

If watching videos and reading articles is not enough for you, you may sign up for an online learning course if you wish to become a pro gamer in dominoqq. You can get these courses for free at some websites as they are connected to casinos. While some professionals charge some money to share the content. However, it’s your choice that from whom and where you want to learn playing the game. To find out the right online teaching course, you need to do some research and still, if you’re confused, take help from dominoqq players to guide you. You can find these people on online gambling websites and connect to them in chat rooms designed for the dominoqq players.

  • Online chat rooms

Chat room features offered by online casino websites are an effective way to learn new things as they are the places populated by professional players of any particular game. Dominoqq game is not an exception as you will find several chat rooms where numerous domino players gather to share information about the game, maybe rules, instructions or tricks to win it. If you feel that you are lacking in the gaming content, you may sign up for a domino chat room and get suggestions from other players to improve your knowledge and practice them regularly to enhance your gameplay.

  • Play dominoqq games for free

When you have learnt the basics of the game, it’s time to play it. For this, you can sign up with few online gambling websites like oilscames.


Before you play the actual game or join a gaming room, it is advisable to play it for free to have an outlook of the real game. This won’t cost you anything instead it will assist you to take insights into the domino game.

You can play the game with free tokens often provided by the online casinos to know how the online gambling website works. On the other hand, these free games are also a great way to practice the game before you put money on it.

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