An Ultimate Guide to Laser Scan Heads in Cutting-edge Laser Technology

At the forefront of cutting-edge laser technology, laser scanner heads emerge as the master conductors, directing laser beams with unparalleled precision and focus. These ingenious devices are the linchpin in applications demanding finesse and accuracy, such as laser marking, engraving, cutting, and micro-manufacturing. Delving into the intricacies of laser scan heads optimizes laser processes and enhances efficiency, ensuring the fidelity of the laser’s outputespecially vital in industries where precision is paramount.

 Understanding Laser Scan Heads

  1. Definition and Functionality

At the heart of laser systems, laser scanning heads play a pivotal role in steering laser beams with pinpoint accuracy. Their application spans laser marking, engraving, and cutting, where their primary function is to navigate the laser beam across surfaces with meticulous precision. Achieving this involves leveraging movable mirrors, typically galvanometer-based, that deftly reflect and guide the laser beam. For instance, in laser engraving, the scan head precisely directs the laser beam to etch intricate designs onto metals or plastics with remarkable detail and speed.

  1. Components of Laser Scan Heads

A complete laser marking head, also known as a laser scanner, comprises dual scan mirrors, two galvanometers (or galvo-scanner motors) along with their corresponding drive cards (or drivers), an XY mount, a scanning lens (f-theta lens), an interface card (or D/A card), a suite of marking software, and a DC power supply. Each component is critical in its operation.

Common Types of Laser Scan Heads

The following are the common types of laser scan heads and their differences.

l 2D Galvo Scan Head

In laser technology, the 2D Galvo Scan Head is highly precise in directing laser beams across a two-dimensional plane. Fundamentally, it employs a pair of galvanometer-driven mirrors, each for one axis of movement (X and Y). The mechanism empowers rapid and accurate positioning of the laser beam for applications such as laser marking, engraving, and cutting on flat surfaces.

 A 2D Galvo Head can swiftly inscribe intricate designs or serial numbers on products in laser marking. Besides, its efficiency is heightened by quickly resetting to a new position in high-speed industrial processes. Yet, its limitation is that it cannot focus on varying surface heights or compensate for surface irregularities.

 l 3D Galvo Scan Head

Conversely, the 3D Galvo Scan Head can overcome the limitations of its 2D counterpart for precise laser beam manipulation over three-dimensional surfaces. It is a modular product designed based on triaxial dynamic focusing technology.

This capability allows it to uphold greater flexibility in focus, accommodating to 3D, planar, inclined, or curved surfaces. For instance, in additive manufacturing or 3D printing, a 3D galvo head can adapt its focus to build objects layer by layer with high precision. It also offers enriched capabilities in applications like 3D engraving, complex welding, or manufacturing. 

SOING’s Innovation in 3-Axis Dynamic Focusing Scanner

Enter SOING, a trailblazer in forward-thinking optoelectronic products, presenting a diverse range of 3-axis Dynamic Focusing Scanner solutions. Each model features distinct specifications from the D12 to D50 laser scan heads, such as beam wavelengths, apertures, field sizes, focal points, speeds, and accuracy, catering to diverse needs and applications. Noteworthy are their Auto-Focus 3-Axis Galvo scanners, which are recognized for their speed and support for efficient operations with features like compact size, touch panels, and real-time autofocus.

SOING’s 3-Axis Galvo Scanners retain swift and accurate scanning features for common applications while introducing progressive capabilities like dynamic focusing. This makes them suitable for cutting-edge applications such as complex surface engraving, additive manufacturing, micromachining, faster 3D scanning, large format marking, and more.


In cutting-edge laser technology, laser scan heads play a pivotal role in directing laser beams with precision, optimizing processes in industries that demand exactness. Whether employing 2D or 3D Galvo Scan Heads, understanding their nuances ensures efficient laser applications, from intricate engravings to advanced 3D printing. SOING stands out with its 3-axis dynamic focusing scanners, offering diverse models tailored to various application needs and exemplifying innovation in optoelectronics. Explore their product line of 3D Galvo Scanners for high-speed, dynamic capabilities that redefine laser processing possibilities!

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