Must-Have Marketing And Analytics Tools To Efficiently Run Your eCommerce Store

If you are running an eCommerce store, you will want it to work in the most efficient way. To achieve this, you need to carry effectively carry out marketing campaigns to improve your revenue. You also need to have access to data from your store that will provide you analytics on improving your operations.

Analytics Tools - learning about their customers image 322n22Your eCommerce store needs to have various tools to help you with marketing and analytics to improve your overall efficiency. There are many such tools available. In this article, we take a look at some of the tools that can be used for marketing and data analytics.

Marketing Tools For Your eCommerce Store

Marketing is the process that brings your store revenue, and it is natural that you will want to put more effort into it. There are many online tools for marketing that you can use to improve your efficiency. Here are a few of them:

Google AdWords

Google AdWords helps you create campaigns online that are later displayed as advertisements. It is a great way of attracting users to visit your website.


Adobe Photoshop is popular software that you can use to create graphics and attractive images. The use of such images can enhance the appearance of your eCommerce store and bring in more customers.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a tool that you can use to send personalized emails to customers. It uses location services to send messages and can help bring in customers. If your store runs on Shopify, then you will get this on the Shopify e-store.


Shakr is a powerful tool that you can use to create interesting and informative videos. These videos can attract customers to your site and convince them about your products. It also offers you tests to determine which video will help you engage your target audience.

Facebook Ads

Social Media Marketing 3323333Facebook Ads help you set up advertisements on the most popular social networking site, Facebook. You can target specific users through this tool, and help reach your target audience. Moreover, you can get a better ROI by using this tool for marketing.

Mail Chimp

MailChimp is a tool that is available on the Shopify e-store, which can be used to create email campaigns. You can create specific email campaigns and send them to the customers of your store easily.


Drift is an interesting tool that allows you to create bots to interact with your online store visitors. You can thus engage with leads in an effective way, help to improve your conversion rate, and at the same time use automation effectively.

Marketing tools can help you attract new customers using innovative ideas

Analytics Tools For Your eCommerce Store

Analytics tools analyze data and tell you how well you are doing. You can evaluate the efficiency of your online store using analytics tools. The tools can tell you how to fix problems and make your store work in a more efficient way. Given below are some of the top analytics tools.

Google Analytics

Google analytics tools - image 4993949Google Analytics can give you information about users who visit your online store. You can know where they came from, how long they stayed, how many went on to make purchases and other such useful information that can help you improve your operations.


Moz is a popular analytics tool that can help you do keyword research to find out how your site ranks. It helps you improve your SEO performance by pointing out problems and issues. It can also help you compare your keyword ranking with that of competitors.


Kissmetrics allows you to use your data to focus on customers. You can identify your top customers so that you can target your conversions more effectively. It also helps you analyze data based on visitor profiles that can be very helpful.

Social Media Analytics

All the top social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can provide you analytics that tells you more about your customers. You can use these reports to understand your customers better and create targeted and customized campaigns to win them over.


Taplytics is an advanced tool that allows you to carry out tests to find out how customers work with your app. You can use it to improve your service features.


It is a unique tool that gives you email marketing, analytics reports, and CRM. You can also get reports on conversions, incomplete orders, and use them to create targeted campaigns.

Analytics tools help you evaluate the effectiveness of your eCommerce store so you can improve it


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