Andy Krieger Warns About a Melt-up or a Crash in His Big BIG TRADE Event

Legendary trader that “Broke the Kiwi” by betting against the New Zealand dollar is finally breaking his silence in the Andy Krieger’s Big BIG Trade Event on Thursday, February 20th at 8 pm ET.

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Andy Krieger

Andy Krieger Big BIG Trade Event

In the Big BIG Trade Event Andy Krieger will now only show you a “black swan” type event, which could cause an incredible melt-up or dreadful crash, but also how to gain a massive win thanks to it.

In a trading world it’s no secret that some of the biggest gains are after major crushes or massive melt-ups, just look at these trades:

  • Jesse Livermore made $100 million after “The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929”
  • Paul Tudor Jones made $100 million by predicting “Black Monday” in 1987
  • Andy Krieger made $300 million by “Breaking the Kiwi” after “Black Monday”
  • George Soros made $1 billion by “Breaking the Bank of England” in 1992.

All of these happened after major downturns in the market, and while most traders lost money some recorded the biggest wins of their lifetimes. Andy was one of them, and despite leaving the limelight 33-years ago, he continues to dominate the markets anonymously.

Rumor has it that Andy is making even bigger and better trades than his famous $300 profit in a single trade one and he’s breaking his 3-decade silence to reveal one of those Big BIG Trades that’s just around the corner.

There will be massive winners and losers

The “black swan” event will create massive losers as well as winners according to Andy. Make sure you’re on the winner’s side when it goes down in 2020. Register for the Andy Krieger’s Trade Event now.

However, who is Andy Krieger and is he still relevant in the trading world?

  • For starters he made $100 million in profit in a one trader
  • $300 profit in one that was mentioned above.
  • Been trading for 35 years and had 33 of them in the green
  • Maintained anonymity for the past 33 years while trading big
  • Rumored to be major player in the biggest trades made
  • Has been called the “most aggressive trader in history”.
  • Speaks at least 8 languages
  • Reads the market like no other


That’s not all as despite him being out of the spotlight for 33 years and trading for himself he still gets mentions from top traders and publications.

For example:

The Economist calls Mr. Krieger a “big swinging D***”

The Vandals Crown author wrote: “An entire economic empire fell to the vandals like Krieger.”

Another Black Monday legend, Paul Tudor Jones says: “If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to trade a billion dollars… nobody knows better than Andy Krieger.”

How would you like to get on the action and learn the Big BIG trade opportunity from the man that trades a billion dollars?

The Andy Krieger’s Big BIG Trade Event on February 20th, at 8 pm ET is possibly your last chance to do that. If that wasn’t enough, 7 lucky attendees of the livestream will get a chance to learn alongside Andy without paying a dime.

To learn more about Andy, Big BIG TRADE Event and how you can be one of the lucky 7 see the Andy Krieger review.

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