How Anodised Aluminum Windows Improve Your Home Value

When it comes to installing windows, the options available in the market are unlimited. The most popular choice among architects, designers, and homeowners is anodised windows.

The reason is why such a window system is relevant in contemporary architecture. Fortunately, you will find the answers to these and many more concerning anodised folding doors and windows. Firstly, let’s understand what anodised windows are.

Anodised windows

Anodising refers to a crucial electro-chemical for treating aluminium. Such a process changes the nature of the aluminium surface to anodic oxide, which acts as a protective layer against corrosion, discolouration, and more.

Here is how anodised windows can improve the value of your home:

Do Not Fade

Anodised windows are much less likely to undergo discolouration and fade. Such windows are also pivotal in keeping the products new that remains the same throughout its life.

Anodised windows are also unlike other door and window materials that contain organic powdered coating, which will fade over time and lower the value of the windows.

Furthermore, TOSTEM India even adds an additional patented-TEXGUARD coating, ensuring windows’ colours and lustrous surface last for forty years.


Apart from innovations like that of TOSTEM INDIA’s TEXGUARD coating, anodising windows and doors are not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around for close to 100 years.

Anodised windows have proven to be the most reliable, enhancing durability, quality, and performance for a longer period of time. Moreover, since the windows are resistant to scratches and dust accumulation, it does not require frequent maintenance.

Corrosion Resistant

Even without anodising, aluminium on its own is susceptible to corrosion as it has a natural oxide layer that acts as a shield. But, the process of anodising helps develop a thicker oxide layer on the aluminium surface to change its texture and make it even more resistant to corrosion.

This process makes aluminium doors and windows a viable solution for external use. Moreover, the TEXGUARD coating even further enhances the windows’ quality, meaning LIXIL products can withstand the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Compared to other forms of windows such as uPVC and wooden, anodised aluminium windows perform better as they are tested as per global standards. It is also for similar reasons that anodised aluminium windows are a popular choice for people living in the cities and the maritime areas because it’s highly durable and resistant to sulfates and chlorides.

Final thoughts – providing overarching benefits.

This post outlined the advantages of Installing anodised windows in your home and workplace. Its results include perfect coating and lustrous surface with no discolouration for nearly forty years. The windows are also immune to harsh weather conditions, water, dust accumulation, and more. Moreover, anodised windows are highly resistant to UV rays as compared to uPVC windows.

From installing sliding, casement, or even folding doors and windows, anodised aluminium is the way to go if you want to improve the value of your home. It is also advisable to learn more about the TEXGUARD-coated TOSTEM products.

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