Apex Trader Funding Coupon

Apex Trader Funding is a leading company offering funding for traders. Their simplified One-Step Evaluation Process lets traders prove themselves to earn a funded account. Apex offers a flexible platform for different trading strategies. 

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You can day trade, swing trade or position trade to meet your goals. The platform supports stocks, futures, forex, and options. While the potential rewards of trading are appealing, it does come with risks. Apex aims to reduce risks for traders by offering guidance and support. 

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How Does Apex Trader Funding Work?

Apex Trader Funding operates through a straightforward process. You start by signing up for one of their evaluation accounts ranging from $25,000 to $300,000 in contract sizes. The fees for these trial programs vary based on your chosen contract size. This is the easiest process compared to other platforms like Elite Trader, Earn2Trade, or City Traders Imperium.

After registration, you go through their One-Step Evaluation Process. The goal is simple – achieve the profit target within the allotted trading days. Apex Trader Funding has set basic rules for you during the evaluation, like not surpassing the daily loss limit, not holding positions overnight, and not reaching the maximum drawdown.

Apex Trader Funding Options

Apex Trader Funding offers several options for getting started, depending on your needs and experience.

  • 25K FULL: Offers a starting capital of $25,000, so you can trade 4 contracts. The profit goal is $1,500 with a trailing threshold of $1,500—no daily drawdown or scaling rules. The cost is $147/month.
  • 50K FULL: Start with $50,000 in capital and trade up to 10 contracts. Aim for $3,000 in profit with a $2,500 trailing threshold—no daily drawdown or scaling rules. Cost is $167/month.
  • 75K FULL: Receive $75,000 to trade 12 contracts (120 Micros). The profit target is $4,250 with a $2,750 trailing threshold—a monthly fee of $187.
  • 100K FULL: Get $100,000 buying power for 14 contracts (140 Micros). The profit goal is $6,000 with a $3,000 trailing threshold. The cost is $207/month.
  • 150K FULL: The largest option, with $150,000 in capital to trade 17 contracts. The profit target is $9,000 with a $5,000 trailing threshold. Monthly cost of $297.
  • 250K FULL: Provides substantial capital ($250K) to trade 27 contracts. The profit goal is $15K with $6.5K trailing. It costs $517/month.
  • 300K FULL: Start with $300K to trade up to 35 contracts. Aim for $20K profit with $7.5K trailing. It costs $657/month.
  • 100K STATIC: Trade just 2 contracts regardless of capital. The profit target is $2K with no trailing but a $625 max drawdown. It costs $137/month.

Each trading option comes with a free NinjaTrader license and data. Miss targets? Reset for $80 each, unlimited. Funded traders pay $85/month per account, up to 20. One-time options, too.

What are The Benefits of Apex Trader Funding?

Apex Trader Funding offers several advantages for traders looking to get funded:

  • Wide Range of Contract Sizes: Apex Trader Funding provides various account sizes, ranging from $25,000 to $300,000. This allows traders to choose a contract size that suits their needs and experience.
  • Simple Rules: Apex Trader Funding prides itself on straightforward rules, making it easier for traders to understand what’s required to pass the evaluation.
  • Accepts Various Strategies: Unlike some prop firms limiting strategies, Apex Trader Funding accepts many methods like news trading.
  • Competitive Profit Split: Traders keep a big portion of profits once funded.
  • Trade Copier Software: Apex Trader Funding provides software that allows traders to automate trades. Useful for those using automated systems.

Limitations of Apex Trader Funding

The Apex Trader Funding program does come with a few limitations to be aware of:

  • No Overnight Positions: Traders must close all positions by the end of the trading day, which might limit certain trading strategies that require holding trades over a longer duration.

Final Thoughts on Apex Trader Funding

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Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned trader wanting to brush up on fundamentals, Apex Trader Funding has resources tailored to your needs. Their simple and straightforward pricing means you’ll get maximum value from your membership.

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