How to Appeal on Amazon Suspension Due to Authentication?

The power of Amazon is growing day by day. And more people are seeking to start their business on Amazon. That’s because this is considered to be one of the easiest ways to build your business (easy in theory, but not always in practice!), and turn a good profit. However, as an Amazon seller, you should strictly understand that there are lots of pitfalls in this business that you should be aware of. Otherwise, you are risking losing your seller account, and getting stuck in an endless process of your account’s reinstatement.

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Inauthentic Suspension

The inauthentic suspension is considered to be one of the most common reasons for Amazon account deactivations and similarly, IP suspension removals are also quite tricky to do. This is mostly because a lot of sellers prefer to source their goods from unauthorized distributors and put their entire business at risk by doing so.

It is a rule of thumb that Amazon prioritizes its customers over its sellers and wants to ensure that sellers list solely authentic products on its platform. So, when you are selling on Amazon, you should be ready that Amazon can check your supply chain whenever it wants. And once you fail in this process, your seller account will be deactivated for an inauthentic violation.

One of the most crucial parts of this process is to provide Amazon with all the necessary documents and invoices, proving that you are selling solely genuine products through your account. Unfortunately, most of the sellers cannot provide Amazon with real invoices, and Amazon refuses to reinstate their selling privileges.

Another reason for getting inauthentic suspensions could be when the customer receives a damaged product. Even if it was damaged during transportation, you will get an Amazon suspension in any case. But there are ways to avoid this, and we can help you do so!

How to Find Reliable Suppliers

One of the main missions that you, as a seller, have to complete, is finding reliable suppliers. Try to work directly with brands, or their authorized distributors only, which can provide you with the letters of authorization and invoices you need. In this way, you can be sure that you are selling only authentic products, and the possibility of your account’s suspension will decrease dramatically.

How to Appeal an Inauthentic Suspension?

First of all, you have to write an appeal letter in which you should tell Amazon the whole situation concerning your suspension. As a rule, a carefully written Plan of Action consists of three main sections:

  • The root causes
  • Immediate actions
  • Long-term changes

In the first section, you should show Amazon that you have conducted a thorough investigation, and know the exact reason for your suspension. In the second section, you have to talk about the immediate steps taken by you to resolve the issue.

Next, you have to talk about changes within your business in order to prevent any possibility of such issues happening again in the future.  And do not forget to submit invoices and letters of authorization in order to prove the validity of your products.

But, what if you were sourcing your products from unauthorized distributors, or from retailer stores, and cannot provide Amazon with invoices? In such cases, it is too hard to reinstate your Amazon seller privileges by yourself. Don’t forget that if you need help to solve your situation focus on how to solve it effectively, companies like Got Suspended Clients, to help you with the process.

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