Application of Blockchain in Cloud Computing

Decentralized architecture is one of the significant advantages of Blockchain. Plus, the security that comes with it and transparency make Blockchain the best way to extend applications to cloud computing. As a result, Blockchain has become a hot topic over the years, and now, nearly all mainstream population choose trading over Bitcoin.

Are you still confused? Check software giant MicroStrategy plans to buy more bitcoin to start trading Bitcoin today! While Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, it also offers different industries the right way to use them. For example, one of the revolutionary fields is cloud computing. However, a better version of this is called Cloud of Things. CoT is a combination of cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

Now, the integration of Cloud of Things and Blockchain is quite popular, called BCoT. Indeed, it is one of the promising fields for many applications. Here are the applications of Blockchain in cloud computing.

First, what is Blockchain?

The list-like structure that stores information, data, and records for a hack-free and secure system is the concept of Blockchain. Every block is responsible for a specific task and is the cryptographic hash of the previous block, which connects them.

What is the Cloud of Things?

The field of information technology is driven by cloud computing today, and the Internet of things has already played a vital role in revolutionary development in IT. It has upscaled people’s living standards and is changing traditional ways of dealing for every industry. CoT is a system that can accurately sense-data around the surroundings and check the storage capacity and cloud computing task.

Scope of blockchain applications in cloud computing

Blockchain has several areas to provide multi-dimensional benefits to cloud computing solutions. Here is a list that makes sense.

  • Cloud computing always needs to keep track of performance management. And the blockchain system is one of the most functional systems. Moreover, since Blockchain is a decentralized system, it can help cloud computing while establishing the architecture. That means the computers and devices can work simultaneously for specific storage or data processing tasks. This will, in turn, effectively help reduce the overall time of any reliable operation and enhance the completion speed.
  • When it comes to the security of technology and data, cloud computing is the name that comes to everyone’s minds! There is a large amount of usable data in the cloud, primarily when significant industries use cloud storage as their primary storage mechanism. So naturally, data is always a risk as it has a centralized architecture. Blockchain can be of great help in this scenario as the system is entirely hack-free, secure, and risk-free.

Thus, along with an addition of security to cloud computing architecture, Blockchain can provide several benefits.

Benefits of Blockchain to cloud Computing

  • Enhanced security of data and decentralization

Whether it is stored data or temporary programmed data, blockchain technology wins regarding data security. Cloud computing technology can use the architecture of Blockchain to make it a decentralized architecture for better data integrity for industries.

Generate ownership and also track of goods and services

If you are in the logistics industry, one of the challenges that may make your process obsolete is the tracking capacity. You have to track the locations, your goods and services, the different vehicles, and more! So, to establish workable communication between parts of the system, blockchain technology can be helpful to a great extent. Currently, Blockchain wins with the best potential to track the capacity of almost all industries in the market.

  • Scalability and Sustainability

Blockchain can handle a huge volume of transactions. So, it is perfect for large-scale technologies as well. Thus, you need robust processing data services to stay functional in this competitive world. The high transaction of blockchain service will need robust architecture. Here, cloud computing can give on-demand cloud services for better scalability opportunities.


Whether it is a technology that needs to be revamped, running e-commerce, or planning to open a logistics company, Blockchain has the power to make it unique. Moreover, blockchain and cloud computing are perfect for the industries to upscale their technology frontier. And so, we suggest you integrate the benefits of blockchain and cloud computing to innovate more and win customers with a new approach.

Start learning about blockchain technology today!

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