Application Procedure for an ESTA

ESTA is an automated system that assesses whether visitors to the United States can travel under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). The ESTA authorization does not decide whether a passenger is admitted to the US. When passengers arrive in the United States, Customs and Border Protection officials evaluate their admissibility. The ESTA application gathers biographic data as well as responses to VWP eligibility questions. ESTA applications can be submitted at any time before a trip, although it is advised that passengers apply as soon as they start planning their trip or purchase plane tickets.

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Image: US Department of Homeland Security.

Please prepare the following two items for the ESTA application.

  • A valid passport (with valid expiration date and IC chip)
  • A credit card (which does not have to be in the applicant’s name)

The ESTA application requires a passport and a credit card. Please give the details from the passport of the individual asking for an ESTA.

When a minor apply for an ESTA, the minor’s passport information, not the parent’s, must be provided. Make sure your passport is up to date and contains an IC chip that airport terminals can read.

Payment can be made by credit card (VISAMasterCardJCBDinersAMERICAN EXPRESS) or Paypal. If the ESTA applicant does not have any credit cards, the payment credit card does not have to be the same as the ESTA applicants.

Guide: filling out the ESTA form

The ESTA form can be completed electronically. Data is requested in four categories:

  1. The applicant’s contact information
  2. Information concerning the travel to the United States
  3. Personal information about the passengers (s)
  4. Questions about safety and background
Contact information of the applicant

The contact information of one of the travelers for whom an ESTA is being requested is included in the first section of the application form. Ensure the e-mail address is valid; each traveler’s ESTA confirmation will be sent to this address.

Details about the trip to the USA

The trip information is included in the second section of the ESTA form. For all travelers in the ESTA application, the arrival date must be identical. Separate application forms can be filed if this is not the case. If your situation is urgent, you can select the “urgent delivery” box on this section of the form to indicate that the ESTA application has to be completed as soon as possible (additional fee: € 17,50).

Information about the traveler(s)

The ESTA form’s third section contains questions about the traveler (s). With a single form, you may submit an ESTA application for many travelers at the same time. It’s important to remember that each traveler must have their passport and ESTA. Each traveler’s passport information must be filled out. This includes children and newborns who are part of the ESTA application.

Passport information

Ensure all information is accurately put out when submitting passport information; even a tiny typing error might result in an invalid ESTA. Without a valid ESTA, it isn’t easy to check-in for flights or (cruise)ships to the United States. If any passport information on the ESTA form was entered erroneously, a fresh application must be filed. The application fee will also be collected again. Travelers who hold (or have had) a passport of foreign nationality must also fill out relevant details regarding that passport.

Employer information

Each traveler’s employer will also be inquired about. If the traveler only has part-time or summer employment, or if they are self-employed, this section of the ESTA form must also be completed.

The safety questions/background questions

The ESTA form’s fourth and final section contains questions regarding the traveler’s background. Questions on drug usage, mental issues, and/or criminal history will be asked here. The tourist will also be questioned if they have visited Libya, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, and Yemen in the recent past. It is no longer feasible to submit an ESTA application if one or more questions must be answered “yes.” Finally, the applicant will be requested to sign a “Statement of Agreement” that reads as follows:

This declaration implies that the passenger agrees not to challenge US Customs and Border Protection’s judgment on the traveler’s admission to the United States of America. The applicant also confirms that they have answered all questions on the ESTA application accurately and completely.

Add extra persons

After completing the complete ESTA form, the applicant can click the “add a traveler” button. This allows an extra passenger to be quickly added to the same form without re-entering all of the contact and travel information.

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Checking the application and paying

Have you answered all of the questions on the ESTA application form? To apply for an ESTA, click the “Apply for ESTA” button. After that, you’ll be sent to the control page. To avoid rejection or invalidation of an authorized ESTA USA, ensure that all of the information on this page is double-checked. Is there a problem that needs to be fixed? Click “edit,” make any necessary changes, and then click “save.” When everything is in order, choose your preferred payment option, and the payment screen will appear. The application is handled as soon as the money is received. Click here application procedure for an ESTA authorisation.