How to approach the Bitcoin market and walk out as a millionaire

When you thought about investing a decade ago, it would have probably been bonds, commodities, forex, stocks, and whatnot. However, nowadays, you can’t overrule the essence of bitcoin in the economy. A lot of people now know that the crypto world has a lot of money-making opportunities. You might have heard of so many bitcoin success stories but still don’t know where to begin. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Becoming a bitcoin millionaire doesn’t need rocket science.

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Before we delve into how you can make millions from bitcoin, let’s first briefly overview what bitcoin is and why it has become such a big deal.

Bitcoin first came to the limelight in 2009 as a digital currency with its payment network. Essentially bitcoin is a form of money that is entirely virtual. Some say it’s an online form of cash. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain technology to facilitate transactions and the generation of currencies.

So, do you want to make millions from bitcoin? Let’s have a look at some simple success tips for your bitcoin investment.

Don’t listen to everyone

Many pessimists propagate that bitcoin is a pyramid, exaggerated scheme, or just a fad. On the flip side, some people embrace and believe in the financial productivity of bitcoin. Both of these sides have their predetermined thoughts and like to preach about what they believe.

If you want to make it as a bitcoin investor, ignore the naysayers, gather enough knowledge, and get started. The crypto space has scammers everywhere, and losing your investment should be the last thing you should imagine. Make use of the internet and the reliable learning materials out there.

Learn more on how to detect scams as these schemers design new tactics daily. Besides, if you’re not sure about something, it would be wise if you left it as is. Be careful that you may not fall prey and add to the statistics.

Plan first

It is essential to lay down a plan before placing your money in Bitcoin. Don’t approach crypto as a get rich quick investment scheme. Being successful in bitcoin means that you have to be patient and work your way up.

Those who make a fortune out of bitcoin view it as a long-term investment. Remember that it takes a plan to avoid getting overwhelmed or distracted. Your bitcoin investment could turn out to be your ticket away from job slavery and a beginning to your journey of financial freedom if you don’t forget the goals you’ve set.

As you plan, expect the unexpected. Don’t forget that bitcoin is very volatile. Seasoned bitcoin investors are used to significant price movements that are not occasionally found in typical markets. You need to wish for the best but expect the worst. There are times when you’re not lucky enough, and if terrifying and unfavorable circumstances occur, you need to have a plan on how to act on them rationally.

Research and knowledge

It’s essential to acquire relevant skills first. Becoming a successful bitcoin investor means that you need to invest in time. Investing in something you don’t have an idea about is like walking blindly to a pit. If you lack basic skills in bitcoin, you might make mistakes that could lead to the loss of your investment. Understand the different terms used in the crypto space. For example, you need to be conversant with terms like private and public keys, digital coins, wallets, and many more.

You should take up a bitcoin investment course to understand the technical analysis or the different programming languages. Bitcoin technology has disruptive force, meaning that you should learn the dynamics by using the learning materials on the web. Commit yourself to know a little about how bitcoin works, and you will be on the right track to establishing a successful bitcoin investment strategy.

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest technology and news and make sure you incorporate the information in your bitcoin investments. Why is technology so important? The whole bitcoin concept is dependent on technology. You need to keep up with the latest technology to make excellent bitcoin investment decisions. From crypto ATMs to automated bots, there’s a lot for you to learn.

Don’t put all your investments in the same basket

As indicated earlier, bitcoin is very volatile; you don’t know when its value can significantly increase or drop. Since there are more speculations, it’s advisable to diversify your investment, thus minimizing risks.

While bitcoin has had its share of bull runs, we have witnessed it almost crashing severally. Consider it as how you find it reliable to travel as a group rather than walking alone. For instance, you can opt to invest some of your money in other ventures like real estate, casinos, or tours and travel.

Don’t get too emotionally attached to using one investment strategy. Always remember that you’re not an insider, and your money should always come first. Bear in mind that you might have one of your investments not yielding the desired results. Diversifying your portfolio means that you will be less vulnerable if your investment takes a hit.

You can decide to go for time diversification, what many people refer to as dollar-cost averaging. For instance, if you have $100000, time diversification allows you to invest small portions of about $5000 a month instead of investing the $100000 at a go.

You can also use bitcoin to invest in bitcoin projects from different sectors. Some of the sectors you can invest in your bitcoin are; decentralized finance, data analytics, identity, supply chain, energy, medicine, and artificial intelligence. You can also use the same approach to invest in bitcoin projects from all over the world.

Remain careful about bitcoin trading platforms

Trading your bitcoin via your mobile phone or computer is brilliant. However, you need to exchange your bitcoin on a secure platform. The best bitcoin trading platforms will offer you three benefits; security with strict authentication protocols, user-friendly services, and high leverages.

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Understand about cold or hot wallets

You can either store your cryptocurrencies offline or online (cold and hot wallets). Cold wallets are special devices designated as physical crypto storage. One advantage of cold wallets is that you can have your bitcoins wherever you go.

On the other hand, the most popular bitcoin storage method is desktop or online wallets. Accessibility makes storing bitcoins online the most desirable option. So, between a hot and cold wallet, which one is better? Cold storage is expensive, with a price tag of about $100- depending on the number of bitcoins you have.

Many investors often mistake wallets for exchanges. Although it might sound okay to keep your bitcoins in an online exchange platform until you hear your colleagues chant, ‘if you don’t have the access, you don’t own the bitcoin.’ Keeping your bitcoins on exchanges means that you don’t have the keys. What if the exchange collapses or gets hacked? Make sure you take time to learn about the different wallet providers online.

Connect with professionals

To make the best of your bitcoin investment, you need to ensure that you find professionals you can trust. Listen to their advice, and you will learn more secrets on where and how to invest in bitcoin. For example, you can watch professional crypto Youtubers or join crypto groups and find insightful information about bitcoin investments. Make sure you research and don’t establish your bitcoin investment decisions entirely from your friends.

The secret to a successful bitcoin investment is keeping connected to like-minded bitcoin investors. This doesn’t mean that you should do away with old friends. Most of the most seasoned bitcoin investors have social media accounts. It’s good you start from there and pick only what’s necessary.

Learn how to HODL

Understand what it is like HODL always comes with unique rewards. Holding is a buy-and-keep strategy. You can opt to keep your bitcoin for an extended period to earn from the long-term value gain. It provides safety for investors as they are not exposed to the risks of short-term bitcoin price movement. With this strategy, you can buy low and sell high in the future.

Most bitcoin millionaires have been able to be patient enough to keep their bitcoin for a prolonged period. The best way to do this would be to store a portion of your bitcoin in cold storage.


Hopefully, these few steps will give you the confidence you need to approach the bitcoin market with a billionaire’s mentality. To make millions out of bitcoin, you need to take time to learn from other people, make informed decisions, and don’t be too greedy.